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  1. rabeed

    if you undersell it don't bother coming to another fed or blackwater.
  2. Me and the boys got a brand new Ghosthawk from @Outcast!


  3. rabeed

    pull up for the 75m bet @MAV @MONSTER
  4. rabeed

    ETA on lnt doing a fed??
  5. rabeed

    just stop kid you don't even have enough time in grade
  6. rabeed

    ETA on Deadpool coming to a Fed or Blackwater? they aren't gonna unblacklist you just for being on their side.
  7. rabeed

    I would consider myself a casual calm person
  8. rabeed

    Yeah, ok. good luck getting senior admin. You are *almost as retarded as Plumber had to change up that last part I don't think I could stoop that low for anyone including you Mav.
  9. rabeed

    You probably told him to put the ban in place. You were directly involved and probably pretty upset that you just lost 60 tickets worth of good boy points for that Ghosthawk "IF YOU USE HACKED MONEY YOU WILL BE PERM BANNED FROM THE SERVER" Yeah I can tell you do a great job retard.
  10. rabeed

    I wouldn't have been falsely banned if you had actually done your job correctly instead of jumping the gun and INSTANTLY banning the person that texted you before your STAFF ticket spawned Ghosthawk was shot down.
  11. rabeed

    @Page @Zahzi
  12. rabeed

    I'll say it again because you made a new thread to remove my comment, you are a scammer don't trust this guy lol.
  13. rabeed

    Text engaged a titan text for someone https://i.gyazo.com/eb2341135462f3437a063095d4bfce91.mp4 *2 minutes later
  14. rabeed

    Untrustworthy person. I advise you do not bet this guy, His friend got scammed so he scammed some random person to make up for it. (2x shitty person)

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