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  1. Happy bday

    1. WALT™


      Thanks Juan, appreciate it brother 

  2. happy birthday walt xx

    1. WALT™


      Thanks brother

  3. 49ers on steroids

  4. https://steamcommunity.com/id/bigmanwalt/
  5. |REAL| Nagate for Gang Wars MVP

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. WALT™


      @Fuck Cops if they upload the vod then I can show you

    3. Fuck Cops

      Fuck Cops

      k was in vs rooks?


    4. vedalkenn


      5 minutes ago, Fuck Cops said:

      k was in vs rooks?


      yeah it was

  6. where's the gang wars stats page???

    1. Ryan


      Will likely post it tomorrow

  7. nigga caught lacking


    1. vedalkenn


      what a guy cheating is bad 

    2. Masoooooooooon


      Welp now you know why I wasn't on last night

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you sweaty gamers!

  9. I would never prioritize video games over a social life. At this point in many of our young lives it's important to go out make friends and meet new people. I regret spending much of my high school timeline playing video games and I personally feel like I missed out on many social activities and interactions. Although since I moved to college I stopped playing video games and it has completely benefited my life for the better. I'm now utilizing this extra time in my life to socialize with others and now I always have some sort of activity to do. Also think of it this way in our young lives 18-26, us and woman are in there primetime. Bitches will never be as hot as they are now. Go out there and get yourself a hot asss woman or man, Because we only get this experience once! Good luck
  10. So I'm curious as to why @Panda :) is giving out my personal information?  

    1. Show previous comments  59 more
    2. Page


      Jerrod is just mad he bought a new pc now he can’t play his favourite Arma 3 server 

    3. Ryan


      Also im locking this status update because I dont want to get ass plastered with notifications since we all know this will keep going. If yall want to @ eachother go for it in a new status update thanks 🙂 

    4. rapidaax


      😎 Hello, this is the owners dog.. This status update is now closed. 🐶

  11. #FreeJerrod

    1. Vcx


      If the legend Walt says it goes!

  12. @Mason Statham Congrats! Love you brother

    1. Masoooooooooon


      Thank you man looking to make big things happen!

  13. https://steamcommunity.com/id/bigmanwalt/
  14. Why exactly did I get banned?...

    1. SquirrelSensei


      Create a ban appeal and ask for the evidence against you, or just join the server and it tells you the reason why you were banned in the ban message.

    2. Kolya


      The bann message is "idk goodbye"


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