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  1. WALT™

    Sir the rates nowadays for war points are around 15k per wp
  2. WALT™

    Tanna or you can even choose Alaska as the name.
  3. WALT™

    Hey Johnny, welcome back and you report rdm in the support section of the forums. Click the dial and go to player report and fill out the extra info. Here is a link to the support section: https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/
  4. WALT™

    offer on s2 airshop/drug runner 1 40k
  5. Happy Birthday @Proud

    1. Proud


      thanks bro <<33

  6. WALT™


    r i p o7 buddy
  7. @buckie happy birthday brother! Hope you have a great day and let your hormonal rage continue on through your 18th year!

    1. buckie


      you too my guy

  8. Do bans crossover to the Olympus Arma 3 servers?
  9. So do cars not save to your garage atm. I've lost 10 hatchbacks and I've stored a couple an they haven't been saved back to my garage.

    1. Evann


      if you ahve them out before server restart, they dont save. its fuckin gay 

    2. WALT™


      wow that's depressing, they better fix this soon!

  10. WALT™

    How far will the roleback take place?
  11. When will the roleback take place???
  12. happy birthday @Energyyy on 150 years old!!! Crazy how time flies...

    1. Energyyy


      Thanks bro

  13. Hello Everyone Teamplayers are hosting our annual movie night tonight! Movie being shown tonight is World War Z!!!


    -50k per ticket (no voice-activation)

    -70k per ticket (voice-activation)

    -100k full service (plus next movie free)

    Message me for more details!!!

    1. |Casper|


      Im in man!

    2. Jeffer Jeff

      Jeffer Jeff

      Hi guys epic gamer gamer here imma host movie night so more gamers will join my gamer teamspeak for no reason what so ever hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    3. Sho




  14. WALT™

    Kids a loser

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