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  1. some titles have been reset e.g war kills
  2. Happy Birthday!

    1. WALT


      thanks Hunter!

  3. Congrats to Skeng Force Alpha on winning Gang Blitz! @nomadox @bihi also congrats to Teamplayers on 2nd & Unknown for 3rd
  4. Reminder: Gang Blitz at 3pm EST. Teams be in Olympus teamspeak by 2:45pm est ready to play

    1. thor


      changing time for 1 person😂

    2. House


      that is not nice @thor

  5. @Noahhh! will be live-streaming the event. Link will be posted day of the event
  6. @Mako @Zahzi they made me change time
  7. Bracket: Rosters: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12u04g5KBu7wttWUnA30_SPvhoEpH8V8QwupnbhX5uEc/edit?ts=5fd49834#gid=638149107 Roster Changes can be made till the 15th at Midnight
  8. WALT


    o7 brother
  9. Can we get an option to hide notifications? The new notifications cover a large part of our screen
  10. PM, Zahzi edited post wrong gangs need to be in Olympus Teamspeak by 2:45 PM EST: Gang Blitz goes live at 3 PM EST
  11. Good stuff boys, we’re doing good @Millennium @ROBINOTHY @Tapatio @nomadox
  12. Event on January 16th at 3pm est

    Remember to sign your teams up

    Gang Leaders Meeting is on the 8th at 3pm est

  13. (TIME CHANGE) Due to staff concern Gang Blitz will now be hosted at 3 PM EST on January 16th 

    ***only 3 hours later

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