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  1. Nice! My 980ti just took a shit and now I have to buy a GPU at double the MSRP! I love spending a thousand dollars at random! My favorite!

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    2. Noahhh!


      @ Skys  I literally thought about @ DeadPool the entire time while I was shopping lmfao.

    3. DeadPool
    4. Noahhh!


      @ DeadPool How much did you pay again?

  2. All the excel sheets I created and used in this community really prepared me for this e-Business Systems Fundamentals class no cap.

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    2. Noahhh!


      @ Mr Josh  Can't get banned for being racist if they don't know I'm racist.

    3. Rossco


      I'm always available if you need help 😛

    4. Noahhh!


      @ Rossco  I'll keep that in mind you cutie.

  3. Noahhh!


    Thank you very much. I'm on to better things now! True friends stay friends regardless of time that passes. You are very welcome for it - it makes me extremely happy to know that the wiki gets utilized on a regular basis. Thank you for noticing all the effort I've invested. Hopefully, Olympus' next chapter will be even better than the last one. Goodbye friend. Thank you for the kind words. I don't think any of it sounded bad at all, you're right. There are a few good lessons to be learned here - but I think it's time for me to move on and use that knowledge for bigger and better projects. I'm glad that I am considered a blessing to the server. I know we'll stay in touch. Good luck with college brother - I know you'll do great things too. Much love. Maybe I'll see you in the future my friend. I wish you good luck in your future as well. Much love right back at ya. Stay safe.
  4. Noahhh!


    @ Winters Thank you friend. Good luck to you too.
  5. Noahhh!


    Thank you Soap. That gang merger was awesome and I truly believe it was meant to be. Thank you for making Noble your home. I guess we'll just have to settle on sharing the DP23 Anti-Air title then lmao. You bet, I will. I'll make all the boys proud! Stay in touch brother.
  6. Noahhh!


    Hey dude, we played a few times and I enjoyed it. You're a funny dude. Thank you for wishing me good luck. You stay safe out there buddy. Call me on Discord if you ever need anything.
  7. Noahhh!


    I appreciate that dude! I'm so glad that you enjoyed watching the content, it was my favorite thing about this server tbh. I loved making those videos. Good luck to you too boss!
  8. Noahhh!


    That really is an amazing clip LMFAO. That was awesome. We could probably take over the world together dude. We had no idea how far Noble would go and how much work would go into it. It was amazing. So many good friendships came from it. Thank you for being one of them and thank you for being there for me during tough times. You're a real one. We will talk on the phone soon bud. You were always a fun person to spend time with. You have an amazing character. Dude, I brought mass recruiting to the next level LMAO. I would literally get like 2 or 3 interviews a day by recruiting on the forums. I'd be doing that while someone would be recruiting in Kavala. Lmao. Good times. Many can agree, FUCK GOAT! lol I'm glad you enjoyed the videos my friend. They were always so fun to make. Honestly, the removal did split me from the server. I like to put it this way: it took the wind out of my wings. I didn't really see it coming at all. I was literally in the middle of doing tickets when I got removed. I don't hold it against the seniors or Ryan, but it was a surprise to me for sure. Honestly, I think that single event killed a lot of my motivation. Either way, life started to ramp up shortly after. That's how things happen. I won't be a stranger. I'll hop in TS from time to time without a doubt.
  9. Noahhh!


    Yeah, to be honest, I thought so too. It is sad to leave, but it is time. Stay in touch boss man. Good luck with the wiki. Please let me know if you have any questions or anything. I'm here for ya. I'm glad you could join the team. o7 buddy I appreciate the kind words. Thank you. I'm glad it didn't go unnoticed. Good luck to you in whatever you're striving to accomplish. o7 boss I won't buddy. I love ya. Stay safe. Hit me up any time. Sorry for missing your Discord call. It was always a pleasure gaming with you. Nobody could make me laugh like you. Sorry that you got attacked by my buddy Zrow way back when. I feel like we could have had a lot more time to play with each other if that wouldnt had happened. You're a real mutha fucka. Stay in touch. It was a pleasure funding you. It was also really fun making that casino showcase video LMAO. You should link it here. o7 buddy, sorry that we never got to do that WTFI episode. There is still a very long list that I never got to do. It sure has been. o7 Cya around bud! It was very nice knowing you.
  10. Noahhh!


    Those are some of the kindest words I've ever read. I'm really glad that I was able to influence you like that. Everything you've pointed out is pretty much exactly the kind of legacy I wanted to leave behind. I know that you're going to do great things with the staff team and for the wiki. Don't ever lose touch. Long Live Noble My streams were really good. Especially the time that I streamed doing player reports! o7 gamer
  11. Noahhh!


    Oh shit you right. I forgot. I talked to you before tho. @ Ryan Thank you for all the kind words. One of my major goals in becoming involved in the community was to simply make an impact. I wanted to change stuff for the better, and I'm glad that I was able to do that. This place became a getaway for me in times that I was experiencing difficulties in life. Thanks for being there when I needed to vent here and there. Although I was super shocked when I got removed, I didn't ever hold it against you. It's all in the past now, and it was just another stepping stone in my Olympus journey. Once your schedule permits, we'll surely have to catch up - it's been too long. Maybe we will have to do a WTFI episode lol. I appreciate it dude. I'll have to let you know. o7 I'm glad to hear it. Yes, I couldn't agree more. o7 I honestly don't know you normally played in the wee hours of the night like you did. Thanks for being so serious about Noble the way you were. It was always a pleasure hanging out with ya. Let me know if you ever need anything in the future buddy.
  12. Noahhh!


    Thanks man! I sure will

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