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  1. bf0113f2566168f483f57d0c827f7a5a.png

    This next video is gonna be something I haven't done before, but I'm actually so excited to finish and publish it.

    @Jig @i chop hatchbacks @SuWooP

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Noahhh!


      @BillyBobJoe That wouldn't be a bad idea at all. I appreciate the input for sure. I might actually do that.

      We could probably work something temporary out for yoyo to do the video.

    3. Millennium


      @i chop hatchbacks better be blasting love sosa

    4. BillyBobJoe


      @Noahhh! check ur dms 



  2. @Praetorian Happy birthday you rat. Hoping we see you around some time.

    @Jeter Happy birthday bud. We should do some frog runs again some time.

  3. Hey, nobody click those "Asylum" links that people are messaging to you in TS btw. lol

    1. Monks


      uhhh i already did

    2. Noahhh!


      @Monks Do you smell burnt electronics and plastic yet?

    3. Linka


      from the looks of it, they are trying to steal log in information or something. however, i recommend getting ur ip changed asap

  4. So, that super big contributor project that I've been working on...

    I reckon it'll be done within the week.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ThatNerdyGuy


      Worst kept secret in Olympus history. 

    3. Noahhh!


      @ThatNerdyGuy Zahzi let the beans spill, so I just kept going with it. Lololol

    4. Noahhh!


      @Skateezy Recon lol yikes.

      Thank dude, I appreciate it.

  5. I'm selling a bunch of houses in DP22 on server 1.
  6. Yeah, the location should be changed next time for sure. lol Says Mr. mk200 holding that noice angle xD
  7. Thanks boss. I'll work on some of the balancing and stuff, but I think it went well for my first event
  8. Hey everyone, if you plan on joining the Castle Siege event, you need to join the corresponding TeamSpeak channel.

    If you come to the event and kill people without being in TeamSpeak, you'll most likely be banned for event disruption 🙂

    See y'all in a little over an hour!

  9. We're gonna be putting some things on the new Olympus YouTube here soon.

    If you have any ideas of what you'd like to see us post on here, let me know.

    Go ahead and subscribe if you'd like to be a good 'ol lad.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Noahhh!


      @Geo No, I like that idea for sure. I appreciate it!

    3. sploding


      How about a COPS/Live PD style show following around some blue boys?

    4. Noahhh!


      @sploding I like the general idea, but I think it'll leave a lot of room for meta-gaming if it's actually live. lol

  10. This is not in warzone. It's at the Castle up North above Meth processor. It starts tomorrow, not any time today.
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