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  1. I thought your run idea was fine boss. I'm all for talking about it in tomorrow's meeting.

    1. Mr Majestic

      Mr Majestic

      (there is no meeting tomorrow)

    2. Mr Majestic
  2. What the fuck. I opened your account and I was already listening to this fucking banger on YouTube. Started playing double.

  3. Just buy a server box and make server better than Olympus You could literally have a fucking sick home server box with that kind of money.
  4. That's wasup dog. Good luck streaming.
  5. Pray to the arma gods. Which usually doesn't work. There are better ways to not lose an AT though. I don't sling them as much anymore.
  6. It's about "banning" people from our gang that are toxic, those were 30 steps we made to be a better group dog.
  7. *pushes glasses up nose* According to my calculations, if you take into consideration the scientific exponent of 3.2131424 and carry the decimal to agree with the Olympus law of shittery, about 242.908 times.
  8. That really wasn't the point. To be honest, I didn't think anyone would give enough fucks to even waste time commenting. I guess that makes me ignorant about the state of the community eh?
  9. Look man, what's your fucking problem? I said it's a personal achievement. I like playing this stupid video game and playing with my zerg gang. I wanted to make this post, so I did. You say it's sad as if I don't have other things in life going for me. Yes, it's a personal achievement on a video game, not your achievement. Eat my average sized dick. Thank you. I really don't care, I made the thread because I wanted to. I really just don't give a fuck. You act as if Olympus is anything but toxic. For the sake of argument, let's assume that Noble was sooooooooooo toxic. Are we really any different from the majority of Olympus at that point? You're just another guy playing an old ass video game and riding the "fuck Noble" train. Choooooooooooo chooooooooo
  10. That is not what that means. This line that you quoted is referring to people who were banned for our GANG, not Olympus. This one made me laugh. I love how many Mando guys are all over this post. Yeah, I should have know it was gonna be toxic. I love being in Noble, and I would feel no different whether or not the flaming was present. This is just a personal achievement for myself and most people in Noble, so I wanted to note it. I wasn't looking for the community's pat on the back, so the toxicity doesn't really bother me. As I've heard someone say before, you're doing something wrong if everyone agrees with you.
  11. I don't usually go looking at DB or Tree for inspiration or advice, but yeah, okay. Go ride DB's dick and get off mine then. Lolol, yeah. Y'all got some pretty crazy shit going on over there. Lol Trump 2020
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