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  1. Noahhh!

    buying tazers

    Staff or support team middle man, trading with people who have good reputations.
  2. He didn't give the server 1 equivalent.
  3. So, if the tractor was within a certain proximity of the tempest device, it would increase the speed that the tempest device gathers ingredients, but not gather ingredients itself?
  4. Noahhh!


    Most of the time, the people who are the most unwilling to wait for staff middle men, don't actually want the transaction to occur.
  5. Yeah man, the server has a way of breaking down new players. Once you get over that shitty initial hump, it's a lot more fun.
  6. Honestly, you should be honored that they wasted an RPG on your box truck.
  7. Same. I was told that the server performance was take too much of a hit.
  8. Oooooooooooooof. Didn't know. Sorry Viper daddy.
  9. https://www.twitch.tv/blackhawk2233/ My boy Ares.
  10. @rapidaax It's not fair that I can't pull an AT, because that's my regular loadout :/ I'm watching it live now lol
  11. Sorry if you came expecting a video to be posted here - this is actually a post about creating a video. Stay with me. So, I've been doing the boomtages lately, and it had me thinking: what if we made a montage as a community? I feel like there are a lot of people who have a few crazy clips, but not enough to make a full video about. This montage would actually be more of a compilation of funny, crazy. and interesting clips that people have collected over the years. I'll compile them into a video, add funny subtitles, ensure that credit is given, and post it here on the forums once I've finished. We are going for a laid back, funny, and laughable line-up of clips. Maybe we can make an actual sweaty Olympus montage with just cartel kills and what-not later, but we'll start with the funny compilation idea first.
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