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  1. You're actually such a big fan of me. You've mentioned me how many times this week? I'm above 18 if you wanna piece of ass dude, just fucking come clean with it and ask already. @Doke TV It's never gonna happen. SAPD has access to guns that are more versatile than the MAR-10. It is less than a problem than you probably think.
  2. who is that in the picture bro he kinda cute ngl
  3. We can possibly negotiate some prices if that's what's keeping you from buying more. Tonight when I get home from work. I get off in like 2.5 hours.
  4. Make it $10m for everything and you gotta deal. That would be $5m per DMS MAR10 duo. I'll give you 10 mags. Would you be able to do $5m? Promet Taser - $300k MAR10 Taser - $2.5m Ghosthawk - $23m AT Offroad - $8m Armed Prowler - $2.5m $35m for the bundle? That would include a $1.3m discount or so.
  5. 4aed611db3d23c10dd3922d98bf980cb.png

    These name colors are pretty close. Coincidence? I think not.

    Congratz on owner @Zahzi!


  6. I'd like to buy the promet for sure and maybe the zafir.
  7. We should talk once I get home if you're online. 650k and we have a deal. I'll have to consider that offer. Come see me in TS once I'm home from work.
  8. That'll work. Wait, I actually bought them for 3m each. Lemme get like 5.5m for two and I'll still be at a loss.
  9. There are only two special purpose helmets on the server right now afaik. It's the best thing you can put on your noggin in the entire game. I sell hawks for 23. Let's just call it $5m for the 7.62 suppressor and MAR10 lethal together and we have a deal. Oh you right. Lol 3m?
  10. Kavala scats would pay 12m. 3m is enough to get the DMS or MAR10 alone. You're gonna have to come up some more. Sounds good boss.
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