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  1. My PC blue-screened this morning - forcing me to factory reset my shit. All the Gang Blitz recordings are lost. In the future, I'll be sure to save recordings on my external drive instead of my SSD. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    I'm looking forwards to the next time. Have a good day.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. eknjack


      @Noahhh!yeah thats not very epic

    3. Maddox
    4. Lucien


      you might have been able to use a bootable linux install on a usb to access your boot drive and move anything over to another drive, just so you know for the future


  2. Tbh man, highly doubt you're going to get banned for breaking NLR while refreshing houses and stuff. Logs alone aren't enough to ban you, a video needs to be submitted. So, if you're not using it for a combat advantage of some sort, you should be fine. I'm gonna have to spectate you and make sure you're not breaking any rules now though
  3. Honestly not a bad point at all tbh.
  4. DPI jumping into a trash pile and accidentally dying is an Arma bug I think
  5. This server is more like King of The Hill with engagement messages and runs/jobs/whitelists, but I think you'll like it dude.
  6. No need to watch finals, silla won.
  7. Tune in for the Gang Blitz finals & Ghosthawk giveaway!


  8. The Gang Blitz stream is starting soon: https://www.twitch.tv/noahhhnoahhh We'll be doing raffles, interviewing the participating teams, taking music requests, and answering questions.
  9. Respond with songs you'd like to see on the Gang Blitz stream music playlist 🙂

  10. The round I look forward to streaming the most.
  11. o7 boss man. I wish I spent more time in Bomos. I hearby bestow upon you 1 get-out-of-ban-feee card. kappa Stay safe and let me know if you ever need anything.
  12. "Feels like 32°F. 15 MPH winds."

    Just what I love to see before going to the car wash knowing these fucking assholes are gonna be getting hand washes all day long.

    I might actually play IRL frogger through an intersection today at work and maybe then they'll think about sending me home lmfao fml.

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    2. TheoryB


      get a different job kiddo car wash is scrub work

    3. Noahhh!


      @TheoryB True. I'll be doing better things once I'm done with my bachelor's degree. I cannot fucking wait to be done.

    4. TheoryB


      Just get a different job, it builds onto your resume

  13. I got cooked before this dentist appointment and now I'm tweaking because I have cotton mouth and I bet my mouth stank ass right now.

    1. Slumberjack
    2. YaBoiNate


      Did this before I went to a mall, smoked far more than I normally do was absolutely fried and spent like 2 hours at Cabela's

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