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  1. Anybody else having trouble sleeping because your balls don't stop sweating or is it just me?

    1. Mighty


      Texas is crazy right now. It was just 90 degrees a few days ago and now its 40. Like wtf

    2. Noahhh!


      @Mighty Yeah, I think my PC is heating my room all day and turning it into a sauna. Even with the fan on and the paper thin sheet, I can pass out. lol.

      I wish it was 40 dude. smh

    3. Mighty


      When I still lived with my parents me and my brother shared a computer room. And boy oh boy in the summer that fucker got hot. Imagine 100+ outside; 2 pcs running full blast, my bros ps4, and the fucking tv. Oh and no ceiling fan xD and shity ac on that side of the house....

  2. I saw one of those dancing animations on the server for the first time. Kinda lit to be honest. My kinda roleplay for sure.

    1. SPBojo


      Were you the N guy i wibe checked at airport with the dance moves? 😅

    2. Noahhh!


      Nawww lol. That sounds like a story to be told though.

      When I saw it, we had like 30 ALF and Noble guys standing on top of some barracks last night. Some kid started dancing and everyone made a circle around him like it was a middle school dance floor.

    3. SPBojo


      hahahha, nice

  3. Just wondering, how much are you paying per?
  4. @SPBojo Happy birthday. I wish you plentiful revives on medic.

    1. SPBojo


      Cheers bud, il make sure to press Windows key as hard as I can! 

  5. I remember FSA. I was in some shitter gang named FEAR.
  6. There's not really a difference in making Kav a red zone or not...
  7. I got a message like that before. lol. Check the spoiler in my signature, it's the top picture.
  8. Austin Ostrander (24), of Summerville, S.C., who refused to provide investigators his place of employment. Olympus Vigilante Organization
  9. @Ryan Can I get the forums tag award as a birthday present? I'm officially no longer a teenager.

  10. Happy Birthday!

    1. Noahhh!


      Thanks man!

  11. RPGs are sold, pending deal on the MXs that I'm going to honor, current MXSW offer at 3m.
  12. That "activate windows" watermark just gave me flashbacks. Might as well delete my trailers off YouTube. This one represents the server much more accurately
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