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  1. I only mentioned it because it did happen multiple times with myself and another gang mate who also ran out of fuel and they even got to the run late lol and he ran out of gas before I did.
  2. Yeah buddy, that's not the issue. You're running out of fuel before the truck even finishes filling up? Even with like 2 inventories from a backpack deposited into the truck. That's not the way it's always been. But yeah okay thanks for your feedback. Super helpful!
  3. So recently I've noticed that when you pull out the tempest device and mine with it it eats the fuel before like even finishing gathering even with helping the truck fill up. It doesn't happen every single time, but it has been happening often. My trucks used to always have a little less than half the fuel in the truck and it would be orange, but now it's running out during the run. Anyone else experiencing this as well? Also I've noticed that my garage is eating my insurance on a lot of my vehicles. And no they weren't chopped or seized or any dumb thing like that. I'll just log in and lots of my vehicles are missing insurance. It gets annoying having to waste money on reinsuring my vehicles.
  4. Waddles lmao wtf is wrong with you?! LOL
  5. I'll be stuck at basic forever lmao this is my only opportunity! I can't fly LOL
  6. What if we still have our carrier light and csat helmet? I'll give up the vest but I don't want to lose the full screen night vision lmao!
  7. April Fools! But lowkey do it just for the day lmao! Kav KOS, yummy. LOL

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