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  1. @Noahhh!'s ego is so big that even a HEMTT Box can't carry it.


    Love you Noah. Art Gallery on wiki or riot.

    1. Noahhh!


      We have a few things that we've been working on. We've gotten far down the list of things to do, but haven't reached art gallery yet. It's coming for sure though.

      You can see all the newly added content on the sidebar of the wiki.

    2. Cooper:P


      I think u meant monks but it’s okay we accept Noah as well

    3. Monks
  2. I actually eat my cereal with vodka.
  3. All these idiots would rather have $5 than having the opportunity to rid the world of Cardi B thus establishing world peace.
  4. Yo, @Noahhh! nice ride dude.


    1. ooooooooo


      Pimped it out at Benny's I see

    2. Noahhh!


      Trust me, I get bitches with this.

  5. Can you help me make Chernobyl 2.0? We need a new zone for the stalkers to roam freely and fight the mutants, cyka blyat.
  6. Arma 3 player base dropped when Bohemia changed the running animation all those years ago.


  7. A permanent ban should be forever. But now it’s pretty much like 3-5 months since @Noahhh! can’t comprehend the definition of permanent. Love you Noah, invite me back to Noble discord please.
  8. Is going to the strip club gay? I mean, there’s more men with boners than there are women.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Monks


      Hooters is da wae

    3. Jerrod


      It's wrong to go the strip club in general

    4. Fiend


      Nah. Just go and ask God for forgiveness afterwards. It’s pretty much how God works, just ask the Catholic Church pedophiles.

  9. You can’t unsee what has been seen


  10. Instead of posting memes daily I’ll post one whenever a good one comes to mind. The Olympus community needs to take things less seriously, so it’s nice to see others engage in within the realm of memes. With that said, here’s another to add onto the vigilante hate train.
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