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  1. should of just permed him
  2. I mean i wouldn't really consider them op.. they are just a zerg gang really, with tazers ngl tazers are kinda busted but eh.
  3. Nice finding another way to kill the server lmfao... smdh Open the server back up you monkey's so we can use our gear...
  4. tbh i think it also has to do entirely with how bad someones ping is lmao i've seen people take entire mk1 mags and be ok and there usually from the uk or some shit with like 200+ ping
  5. got 2 houses in dp23 1500 storage for sale one dp22 house 1500 storage make an offer
  6. Vigilante don't need more shit, we don't want basically another apd force running around with overpowered tazers (Don't say they are balanced cause they aren't they do as much as a actual rifle i have tazed people up to 500m to 1000m while my friends have gone for the restrain, wich that really needs to be fixed) APD is already cancer enough having like 10 cops on everyday at mostly all times checking redzones making it almost impossible to do decent runs. The reason for this update for vigi was to keep everyone running around with op tazers, you actually have to work for that shit now so it makes it harder for people to get them wich means not as many tazers running around.
  7. Dexter, if you like cop stuff and serial killer stuff watch it its great

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