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  1. o7 my friend u wont be online to take my money anymore
  2. @Titimus is now the highest bidder @ 5.5m
  3. @Pwnda is now the highest bidder @ 5 mil
  4. sounds good starts at 4 mill and will be sold to the highest bidder on friday.
  5. u asked for my price and i said i can definitely go lower just give me an offer jesus
  6. i was thinking somewhere around 20mil but we can work something out if u really wanna buy it server restarted when i took the picture lmfao
  7. https://gyazo.com/deaa9b97894f490995ad50340017364c make an offer
  8. i said or best offer i was just throwing a price out there , if anyone wants to buy it thats definitely not the set price theres a lot of room for negotiation
  9. https://gyazo.com/8085508f826e5f43a2cee86d0f4ff427 5m obo https://gyazo.com/deaa9b97894f490995ad50340017364c 25m obo
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