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  1. Lol this is too funny. Only took a year to figure out and the numbers aren't even accurate.


    1. Mark_McLeod


      Hey whatever man now people know that they can use their "exploits" for at least a year without anyone catching on.


  2. Codyhellbringer

    how much did i make? [medic] Cody
  3. Codyhellbringer

  4. Codyhellbringer

    Love the red gull skin and i think and red burger/ blue King skin would be sick. Keep up the awesome work man @Muthinator
  5. Codyhellbringer

    1. Most Dominate Gang : Kavala Scats 2. Favorite Player : EatMeth & Trenton the God 3. Favorite current APD Member : Couldn't care less 4. Favorite R&R Member : Richard Hurtz pretty much the same as saying no one 5. Favorite former APD member : Ace 6. Favorite former R&R : Chronorpheus 7. Kavala Troll King : All of Kavala valet service and [Taxi]Marty 8. OS member to most abuse powers: Peter Shlong 9. Dankest Memer: Dan banks/Yoitssssdanyyyyyyyy1/dannyfunk 10. Favorite time on the server : Exploiting Bodys and selling the items through my house as a black market 11. Funniest Moment : When i found out Tman got Air Responder when all he could use was auto hover 12. Something you want in the community : A less toxic/cringey community 13. Favorite Quote : "MEDIC ETA" - Every one who has Threatened a Medic ever 14. Best Hitler Impersonator : [Head R&R Cord]Muffin-hater 15: Most Butt Hurt salty nerd : Co1t
  6. Natsirt You have Been Denied Services for Irritating me with this Cancer post for the remainder of the form discussion.
  7. Codyhellbringer

  8. its been real boys.


  9. Codyhellbringer

    Burban scum...

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