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  1. Ight, now I'm pressed to sell. Ya boi is going broke, pls bbg someone buy
  2. https://gyazo.com/25599a37fc6d8d111f77fccd847c616a Not pressed to sell them but I have some decent houses and there are others around I'm looking to swap to my account. Post offers or DM me to negotiate.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/id/SadoriiOfTheRedSand
  4. Bet you anything its going to be priced just about the same as every corvette before it. It’s exactly what someone who would buy a Vette would want. Why buy a Portofino when you can spend 140K less and get a look alike.
  5. I know you said not the gunstore house, but I'm sure everything has a price right?
  6. Nah, Preferably with a view of square. Its really obstructed by the surrounding trees.
  7. I want you to know that I hate you for this.
  8. Looking for a Kavala house on main road, S2
  9. Beware when doing business with EWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA PlayerID: 76561198139402576 Evidence: https://gyazo.com/d3762a2f7bcf818f58882aa1aa248bf4 I'm not going to sweat over 3M. Guess I'm pretty retarded to fall for it, whatever I didn't think someone would go and scam for 3M. Anyways be safe out there friends.
  10. 3M but you gotta deliver to my house.
  11. This is gonna be a little off what your getting at but life shit all the same. I hear allot of people say if you work hard enough you’ll get what you deserve. Thats bullshit, life is a scam, the imperialists are going to win fuckin neck rope into a toaster bath cause every is worthless.
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