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  1. that was rude i dindu nuffin

  2. 6/9 it begins; saddle up boys @TheCmdrRex @Google


    free 6IX9INE

  3. fuck steph curry and obama. be back in a week boys. who will it be this time :~

  4. all of the sudden strae starts always catching people running drugs kappa
  5. Ah, how I relate to this post. I've actually HvH'd you recently at cartel. my partner and I have been cheating for about 2 years now between 5 accounts each. just got us again today. we joined the server when it first opened when the gang split from asylum to make olympus. ive gotten all the way to APD corporal before i got caught. its a funny meme tbh. we will probably be here when it dies. be back soon boys, til then o7 and enjoy the clown world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn2Y1r8uLZ4
  6. lmao fuck why do i keep getting perm'd i dindu nuffin

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    2. McDoubled


      fuck man i wonder how they got us this time

    3. 21Cabbage


      bruh yall fuc wild 

    4. McDoubled


      if only u knew how deep the rabbit hole really went. 3 years running, 15 accounts

  7. i shot you a pm like a week ago. ill buy all of your uniforms
  8. looking to buy uniforms and vests. prefer corporal uniforms but can settle for PO uniforms. pm me or reply with what u got and price please
  9. you call admins retarded mongs but you spell like a cracked out 6th grader
  10. Did M5 get pissed off and decide to ruin the server? I'm guessing he's the ruse behind the whole whitelisting mess?
  11. so shit talk as much as possible roger dodger coach
  12. oh yeah i saw the announcement. is this the first time someone has done stuff like this on the server? I figured it was sort of common to see cheaters in games like this
  13. Hello guys, My name is Mcdoubled and I'm new to Arma but have heard things about Olympus even in other games. I play EFT (escape from tarkov) and have about 450 hours in that game and ive heard about this server from people on there. I'm very excited to play (i see the server is whitelisted which is good) and i hope to make friends. thank you and make sure to eat a mcdouble daily
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