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  1. Good for heli runs, 4 crater max upgraded, will list on market when agreed on a price https://gyazo.com/d42a069ce6e78ba5a53f2dbdef7411d4
  2. war everyone, spawn kav, get a rook = 300 wps
  3. not for storage its a spawn point but i guess kav scats dont need a good spawn point for cartels
  4. kav rebel spawn point, 500m run https://gyazo.com/361ec154e817a51bdfaf90e6512761b8 drop offers
  5. braddzzzz

    WTB S1

    Thanks for letting me know
  6. braddzzzz

    WTB S1

    looking for good meth houses/moonshine houses, also want to buy war points 15k a pop
  7. let me buy them war points of yours
  8. braddzzzz


    bump still looking to buy wps, 15k for 1 and wanting to buy alot
  9. braddzzzz


    15k a war point
  10. braddzzzz


    Wanting to buy war points, willing to pay a lot and will buy in bulk, I can also trade mx tazers for war points
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