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  1. 88 would also like to submit our contestant we nominate our very own 88 | Ajame
  2. me its very cruel and inhumane
  3. Lil Kawa


    Birb you are very smart Give this man respect fag
  4. Lil Kawa

    Wtb tasers

    Your to broke for tasers
  5. Show them who’s boss. While they are selling all there shit rig one of the trucks with a explosive charge and blow it up to ruin there day. Then they will respect you young one
  6. 2.5 mil for mar10 and dms
  7. I’ll buy mar10 and Dms And mags
  8. It’s cause everyone knows what is in the shed lmao. And the cops are scum so ofc they are gonna find every way to search it. Even if that means sitting in a heli with range finders 2 km away staring at the shed
  9. You can’t beat the time I had a 500$ bounty and the cops raided our shed for over 15 mil worth of moonshine . And I was naked. They got me for pulling out a car
  10. Bitch don’t talk to birb like that you retard. Say one more thing to birb and it’ll be the end of your fucking career.
  11. Lil Kawa

    [WTB] S2

    You can’t buy the whole sever...
  12. 15 mil for one of the best sheds...
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