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  1. Mission failed, we'll get em next time

  2. Man Rip Malcolm Young

    1. Luke Duke

      Luke Duke

      Yeah heard it on the radio yesterday. 


  3. Admins don't have the time to spectate kavala 24/7 and wait for someone to rdm. Report it if you want something to happen dawg
  4. Apparently this is quite a meme isn't it
  5. Mcdili I'm concerned about what happened to your profile

    1. McDili


      You and me both

    2. DeadPool


      Idk whats worse the Avatar head or the no bed sheets XD

  6. Enter
  7. what
  8. Your probably leaving a space when you paste your player ID
  9. Arma 3 nerds don't have girlfriends
  10. Screenshot all of the teamspeak permissions on the old server and make all of the permissions values on the new server the same as the old ones, they should need to be changed to different values then the old ones, that just makes it more confusing then it has to be
  11. The IP that is put right below the Olympus Roles cspacer is missing the 4 at the very end of the IP. It has it as, its supposed to be
  12. Thats the point of fighting. 2 gangs fight, whichever gang dies, regears and comes back and fights again. The only bad thing about no NLR in warzone is getting shot in the back by someone that died earlier
  13. How is no NLR at warzone is a bad thing?
  14. @Poseidon o7

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