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  1. Congrats to the sped Canadian @hawk!!! :wub: Well deserved

  2. Selling a DMS, pm me an offer if you're interested in buying

  3. Benjamin Remer

    What do you guys think. Is this an above ground pool, in ground pool, or underground pool? https://i.gyazo.com/f1fe0346281d629d4401954489e5f05a.jpg
  4. Benjamin Remer

  5. Benjamin Remer

    I heard condoms are a smart choice
  6. Recently reinstalled windows 10, and for some reason Arma 3 now takes like 3-4 seconds to alt-tab both in and out of the game. On windows 7 it would alt-tab almost instantaneously. HALP!!!

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    2. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      Is your game the same resolution as your desktop?

    3. ChrisGG


      -noPause in your launch options/check it in your arma launcher

    4. Benjamin Remer

      Benjamin Remer

      @John Wayne I play on native, which for me is 1920x1080


      @ChrisGG I for some reason didn't have that enabled, I enabled it and launched arma and theres no noticeable difference in alt tabbing

  7. Benjamin Remer

    Challenge accepted
  8. Benjamin Remer

    "Wait we can charge medics for aiding in a blackwater now" - Hawk
  9. Benjamin Remer


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    2. [W] Killer

      [W] Killer

      wouldn't be surprised


    3. Savage


      I'll buy it for a solid price of $1000

    4. TheoryB


      I'm selling 14 DMS scopes for 4 mill a piece. 

  11. Benjamin Remer


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