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  1. Benjamin Remer


    Unless theres like 40 or less people on, you aren't getting 120 fps in kavala lmao
  2. Benjamin Remer

  3. Benjamin Remer


    Hadi got that oil money
  4. Benjamin Remer

    Free speech is a myth
  5. Benjamin Remer

    I'd recommend getting an i7 tbh, overall Arma 3 is a more CPU intensive game. The better your CPU the better, but your graphics card does have an effect on the games performance. So getting a good graphics card will help to some extent, but it won't make the difference. But a much better CPU will.
  6. Benjamin Remer

    While burning do death you're also suffocating as the fire eats up all the oxygen, and... ya know.. you're literally burning to death. Would much rather drown to death than be engulfed in flames, but that's just me.
  7. Benjamin Remer

  8. go braid ur hair

    1. Ignis
    2. Weathers


      its a meme u wont get shush @Ignis 

  9. Benjamin Remer

    @McDili feelsbadman o7 brutha thx for the good times
  10. Benjamin Remer

    From elementary school
  11. Happy Birthday @RambleR!! :^)

    1. RambleR


      Ty banajaman! ;)


    1. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      hey thanks dude


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