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  1. Benjamin Remer

    These are the important questions we need to be asking, brought to you by hawk and falcon's nest. Credit for this debate: @falcon @Airborne
  2. Benjamin Remer

    Making this because @falcon thinks a thumb IS NOT A FINGER
  3. Benjamin Remer

  4. Happy Birthday Ladies @Mita and @Fusah xD

  5. Benjamin Remer

  6. Happy Birthday ya big dumb @DeadPooL

  7. Benjamin Remer

    To explore the universe
  8. Benjamin Remer

    Big dumb
  9. Benjamin Remer

  10. Benjamin Remer

    Making a post on the forums isn't going to help the matter, which it clearly isn't. Your only option is to contact all the Coordinators.
  11. Happy Birthday @Hades!! even tho you probably never gonna see this :unsure:

  12. Benjamin Remer

    You only have to stay 1km away from where you died for 15 mins, it's not that hard to get around. NLR has been a thing since the server first launched back in 2014, it's fine the way it is

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