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  1. The man was one of the smartest minds of our generation, arguably one of the smartest minds ever. There's a reason why he's given so much respect by the science community, stop being ignorant and open your eyes a little and maybe you'd understand.
  2. You need to have more forum content
  3. 812
  4. @housekitty@Wong Wong you finally got it m8! Congrats guys

  5. Only staff can change your name, either that or you make a new acc
  6. Tickets are sorted by the date which they're submitted, you cant physical bump your ticket up in the list
  7. There has to be 5 or more cops online get gold from the fed vault, the gold only spawns if there is 5 or more cops online.
  8. I would much rather go with @ikiled's option. They should add the lite versions of both the Prowler and Qilin, and bump the price of the regular versions.
  9. - The island of Altis is in Greece, not America. There is no such thing as Miranda rights - Again no such thing as Miranda rights in Altis - And btw house raids in real life can be executed by the police without a warrant. This is pretty simple criminal justice here. These are just a few examples when police can search your house without a warrant 1: Plain View. If a police officer already has the right to be on your property and sees contraband or evidence of a crime that is clearly visible, that object may be lawfully seized and used as evidence. 2: Search Incident to Arrest. If you are being arrested in your house, police officers may search for weapons or other accomplices to protect their safety 3. Exigent Circumstances. This refers to emergency situations where the process of getting a valid search warrant could compromise public safety or could lead to a loss of evidence.

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