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  1. Im 18 now and I pay taxes yay

    @Secret Agent

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. sploding


      Hbd secret not so jr.

    3. YaBoiNate


      happy birthday me forgets lunch at work

    4. Lime


      HBD yo, try not to tax evade.

      Sounds great, doesn't work

  2. Get the fuck off me 😂


    1. Courean


      10/10 editing

    2. Legendary


      wow dude epic video

  3. Vigi Rats is all imma say🤪

    1. Legendary


      get fucked idiot

    2. ChillX
  4. c66270f670ab0de76bf9dd76dbb1fba2.jpg.f415fb865b8a97f464d8dafadbe062dc.jpg

    Pygros just aint the same without my boys 😞 

  5. Want the truth about y’all being kicked. Here ya go 1st you did a pharma with a gang mate then you proceeded to get the money with out splitting with him. Then my boy Wilson gets a message from some saying y’all scammed him for 1.5 mil cause it says in order to join your gang you must pay 1.5 mil and he did and you never invited said kid. And I don’t go around telling people Secret Agent is my dad people just know cause the word spreads yes when I first played this server I was like that cause it was cool having a father son relationship in the game. I don’t beg my dad for money I get my money my self. There is always a reason for y’all to get kicked. I didn’t kick you cause you were good I kicked you for being a rat and dis loyal to the gang. And you lied to me 5 times when I had solid evidence of you two being rats. I’m sorry that your so salty you got kicked out of a chill gang but it is what it is. Plus I had orders from coconut saying if I have evidence of you two lying I have the green light to kick y’all and I got the evidence and I had the green light so yeah. Didn’t kick y’all cause you were good I could care less if you were the best shooter in arma you just don’t lie in a gang it doesn’t get you anywhere. https://imgur.com/a/bop2ym4
  6. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PcNlGMESzI7sQWghddAjqk0eVymmRsan


    [DB] thinks its okay to RDM cause he has "connections" LMAO 

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    2. CocoisDead


      Join [DB] Now! For a low cost of 20Mil! Access to Pocket Mods, Pocket Admins, Pocket Developers, Pocket Lead Developers and for limited time Pocket sAPD!

    3. SPBojo


      But foreal tho, did you get the ticket number? @CocoisDead

    4. CocoisDead


      He didnt want to give it to me 😞 @SPBojo


    07 @kylef you taught me a lot in the game and you've had my back since day one im so happy i met you and im so happy i got to play with you you were such a funny guy and you knew how to make everyone laugh imma miss you buddy. 

    107410_screenshots_20191111010937_1 (3).jpg

  8. I know this topic was already thrown away but this would honestly be sick asf.

    1. TheoryB
    2. Vigi easy money

      Vigi easy money

      cool you get that and Rebels can buy zafirs at Rebel shop 

  9. I’m 17 now 

    my birthday is today🎂

    I’m blessed to see another year

    I’m thankful for my dad @Secret Agent for letting me try this game out

    there is a lot of wonderful people in this community

    i love playing Olympus I love being apart of the APD

    @Shades @GluxDesigns 

    these boys are the first people I met in this game they helped me learn this game

    they pushed me to do great things on Olympus and I’m very happy I was introduced to yall


    1. thor


      go celebrate your birthday and stop posting these cringe status updates 

      happy birthday

    2. GluxDesigns


      glad we meet you and your pops too bro. much love. happy b-day boiiii

  10. what do ya'll think about this?



    1. Lex yo

      Lex yo

      water mark needs too be moved in the corner and made a little smaller

  11. the police swat guy is the banner and the one with the helicopters is the profile pic





    1. Creepy


      "Hey designer can you infringe all over this guys copyright, please?"

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