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  1. status update so i have content to change my name yeet

    1. monsterr


      If you submit a general inquiry ticket here http://olympus-entertainment.com/support, title it "Name change" and put in the information box what you would like your name changed to, an admin/mod should get to you eventually.

  2. So only gangs that you are at war with, or all sheds?
  3. PM me. Looking to get rid of it so I’m sure we can agree on something. Coincidentally I am :)
  4. Call it as you wish, PM if interested. Seeing as the North-West portion of Altis is scarce in sheds, it may be a good starter shed for one of the many new S1 gangs on Olympus.
  5. Attached is an image of the shed on the map. The shed resides slightly East of DP5 and makes for a great meth shed. After the update that moved Ephedra North (Previously was 200m from shed) and Coke to the West, the shed is now more multi-purpose. PM me if interested and we can talk details.
  6. Does 2k ArmA hours on my IRL resume mean nothing anymore?
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