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  1. Bro, he literally said he’s not responding to your goofy ass anymore, why you dick riding? But aye I got the time rn. Essentially, like Skateezy already told you, the new players that Silla recruits have NOT had the experience that senior Silla already has had. That being said, yes some of the recruits that are new to the server or barely have any experience will be rob-hungry, or chasing to get their bounty up. You can’t expect them to have the same ideals as people who have been here longer, they’re still relatively new. Am I saying it’s a good thing? No, but I’m open minded and under
  2. He didn’t say that it “didn’t affect anything.” Stop putting words into peoples mouths and saying ignorant things just because you’re salty. He said he’s aware that it doesn’t have an affect on staff trust, if you actually take the time to read instead of making hateful comments. The reason he brought up the point in the first place is because the staff has Olympus’ best interests in mind. That being said, player retention is vital. It leads to donations which means more revenue being made from the server, and ultimately the server not dying and staying populated thus keeping everyone

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