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  1. Three man pharma, we had a group. I let juice sell it when I originally was driving, he left right before and he split the money with ya in the first place. Don't pretend you didn't know.
  2. nah. I already got a set, thanks for the offer tho
  3. PO and Dep shirts are my go too my g
  4. I quit using this house recently and I rather just sell it to someone who actually would use it.
  5. I got a 4c and a garage on s2 dp13
  6. what timezone do we use for logs?
  7. Nah I gotta keep them
  8. I mean I'm perma blacklisted for buying about 100-150 stings from a deputy spite never being whitelisted myself.
  9. paying 100k for deputy shirt, vest, and hat with 135k for po outfit as well.
  10. I'll ping ya if I want to. Dang.
  11. Same. hey @Diarrhea can you give this man a upvote?
  12. I will love this picture from now on
  13. Time to get warning shots by suppressed guns and not know about it.
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