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  1. I mean as in the hellcat heli lol with turbo 4
  2. non insured orca for 290k fully insured and turbo 4 hellcat for 400k non insured device for 230k non insured m900(x2) 90k each
  3. I notice some players don’t know there is some RNR vehicles that can assist them as civilian. So, I will talk about how you can use these 2 vehicles. The Ambulance (cargo van) Healing to fix broken bones and heal to 100% health when medics are not able to assist during the situation. They do not give dopamine or kidneys back sadly, but I feel the Ambulance can have some uses in high population cities to reduce some call stress for healing people to 100% or a fractured bone when in Kavala square. All you must do is scroll wheel on the back of the ambulance and select the action to apply first aid. The Off-road services (Off-road) It can fix all aspects of a car (besides gas) when parked within 0-10m It can fully repair as if a medic has repaired your vehicle. It can repair aviation vehicles that can park in that said space as well. This can help civilians repair their cars if they don’t want to blow money on a toolkit or call medic in high population sites where medics park these vehicles. Like the ambulance. You see a Icon pop on your screen or a scroll wheel addition pops up for you to repair your vehicle. It repairs as fast as if you used a service station. I hope this small reading can help some new players better understand certain RNR vehicles and how they can help themselves to their civilian uses. Credit to FAKE KIWI for assisting testing of the Ambulance van possible uses.
  4. Bunny

    Buying Tazers

    alright. which server? nvm do you wanna meet on server 2?
  5. Bunny

    Buying Tazers

    1 mx taser for 230k?
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