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  1. I think a new black-market is needed personally since I put in 40+ hours a week on civ robbing and doing runs, and frogs is by far the only run that has no diversity to it. It's just a straight line for the run and there is no worry of needing to cap a cartel or be taxed for selling, and there is only one place to process frogs when every illegal drug that needs only one item collected to pro has a blackmarket as well as a processor, but I can see where you coming from when it comes to buying gear from a black market so maybe the location can be changed.
  2. Good feedback, ill take that into consideration as I make a revised version. Would love if Olympus staff would like to add this concept to the server.
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      another irrelevant cartel monkey trying to talk on my post lol

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      i do be liking fruit

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  3. It's Just a concept, I'm adding more stuff to it to make it look better
  4. Give some feedback as to if you'd like to see this addition to Olympus. As I am apart of Civ council specifically for runs, I want to propose a new idea for players on Olympus. As you all know every illegal run that consist on gathering one illegal item has it's own Black-market as well as it's own cartel to capture. Frog however doesn't. Frog sells for around the same price as mushrooms but there is no tax on frogs because there is no cartel to capture. I feel like balancing as well as adding a new route for frog runners on Olympus would give new and old players a new incentive to doing frog
  5. Must of been one of the many of retards in 88 who I had not clue msg apd that
  6. Not being good enough isn't the problem, maybe my gang but I dropped 18 in the three waves they pushed and got one tapped by a mar 10 and it all went south, but okay career medic
  7. You cried I dpied asked for 200k comp and alt f4
  8. ? Your a career cop who is open about getting pegged. Fix your teeth before you trying talking shit
  9. You alt f4 after getting killed, cry about it more.
  10. Your a career cop good job buddy
  11. Wanna come up with somthing original? Only the shitters who get clapped by 88 say that.
  12. You have 8 deputies run in and the 6 Po’s while the higher ups mar 10 you through the crates and dome. Not hard to take out 7 civs inside dome with 17 cops. Which is why I made the post to point out that sAPD said they going to make federal events balanced and yet I don’t see how it’s being balanced.

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