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  1. Selling a Zafir hmu with offers
  2. @rabid I guess me hating on you never being Lieutenant is in the past. I guess we'll have to see if you ever get sergeant again
  3. @Zeuse this is the most rigged situation which is why everyone is against what Gary deemed right or wrong
  4. This has yet to be the saddest thing senior apd has done. Its really come down to senior apd breaking rules just to win a fight and try and prove something. Its also sad that the evidence provided showing it was a false raid come from the apd member who raided the house.
  5. @Zeuse I am the other key holder but I was dead on dope in my four crate from cops raiding it. So that point is invalid
  6. @ThatNerdyGuy I get what your saying and yeah I have a past of being toxic and being immature towards senior apd and some staff members but everyone makes mistakes, and I've learned from them and i've been trying to change that image. But I didnt go messaging Rabid and senior apd during the time of the inccodent a bunch of toxic shit like I normally do, I just let the gathered evidence and the player reports do there job, which in this case so far hasn't done much but create a huge discussion with the community about senior apd and the apd handbook and how sometimes senior apd pushed the rules outside there boundaries. We all just want a change and john wants comp for his house. We don't want anyone demoted rabid is a very good sergeant and knows alot but sometimes even the best make mistakes. But Gary saying theres nothing wrong with this raid shows how rigged Olympus senior apd can be
  7. All im saying is the person who raided the house gave all the evidence we need to show it was a false raid
  8. @ThatNerdyGuy I wasn't talking shit about this topic or towards you. I'm talking about in the past me talking shit about apd. And this situation was obviously bias towards 88. I mean yeah everyone hates us, mostly because how toxic some of us can be, but being in senior apd as a leader and watching that video and being apart of the situation. Rabid was being very childish and unprofessional. He let his anger consume him because first off he threatened to report us for tasing and robbing him, and second off the video shown clearly shows no probable cause to search the house be he did so anyway since he lost alot of money and assets fighting 88 in sophia. If I was in gary's shoes I'd do anything I can to have my senior apd's back, but there's only so much you can do until you have multiple players and staff members saying this was a false raid. It clearly states in the rules what is probable cause to search a house and it was obvious in the video nothing that happened was close to probable cause to raid the house.
  9. @Millennium you a goat with that explanation @ThatNerdyGuy I'm not talking trash, I'm just happy the bad side of apd is finally getting exposed, I hope with this topic the senior apd makes some changes after this one. I don't have anything against anyone I just talk alot of shit when stuff like this happens.
  10. @ThatNerdyGuy I was just confused I wasn't saying you were wrong
  11. Imagine being robbed as senior apd and threating to report so you don't get your shit taken. @rabid
  12. @Noahhh! that's the perfect explanation
  13. In the video they didn't get tags on the guy shooting on top of the house, so I guess just checking registration on a house is enough probable cause to raid. like really?? this situation is like me killing a cop in sophia gas station and then the sergeant checks a house with my name on it and raid it.
  14. @ThatNerdyGuy I didn't know you could use side chat as probable cause as a cop
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