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  1. Who tf would down vote a cancer awareness post like wtf lmfaoooo?????

    1. Unjo


      I would downvote charity ads on my tv if i could

    2. TheHeroNoob
  2. Sorry not looking to buy that many, I'll take 100 of your hands though if that's cool.
  3. Looking to buy warpoints at 15k each, hmu in the dms or just reply to this thread and we can work out a time.
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheHeroNoob/
  5. Fair enough. I've just always know the discounts to be a helpful thing to the R&R since they help everyone else whether it be they are doing it for the cash or they are just wanting to help.
  6. Still doesn't take away from the fact that there was no reason to remove the discount rather than making R&R a more expensive endeavor. You can say that they aren't there to farm money but running around the map hitting the windows key doesn't do anything else besides make money. This goes for other things the R&R do as well such as dropping dope crates, give dope, healing players, and towing. Every action the R&R does brings in cash besides being nice enough to go and pick someone up if they are stranded. I just see it as an unneeded and unwanted change to the R&R.
  7. Who's dumbass idea was it to remove the R&R discounts? There is no point in removing the discount it just makes saving people way more expensive if you end up losing your vehicle. A lot of new players become EMTs to earn a little extra cash but now with the discounts gone it's tough.
  8. Cheating is my favorite thing in the whole world, when my pull down script does all the work for me, when I just know where people are and clap them through a wall, when I duplicate and no longer have the satisfaction of getting items for my hard work, I love sitting in warzone and knowing people are coming and then I snipe them with my mk 1 from 1000m out with assistance from my pull down and aim bot oh lord do I get the largest hard on ever. I love war points and the simplest way to get them is using my cheats, i love it i love it i love it i love it! My cheats help me out in every way and sure do make me very happy and satisfied when i get a kill
  9. ya, i mean i didnt know that at the time just saw people were getting kicked and then the server goes down
  10. I have no clue but he'll obviously be in contact with them since the kick message says "Server owner is to contact Bohemia". He'll know any information before I do lmfao
  11. So ya after that screenshot the rest of the players slowly but surely got kicked off and now the servers are down, RIP. if we could get a fat ETA on when itll be back up that'd be wicked @Ryan https://gyazo.com/c299f828759992b9189fb4558d0dd02e (in-game kick message)

    1. KGB JOSH
    2. TheHeroNoob


      Merica' feller

    3. Hoonter


      1 hour ago, TheHeroNoob said:

      Merica' feller


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