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  1. Titans for a very rare thing, literally seen 1 blackfish used in a fed before. Still retarded tho but some rat sneaked it in i guess so
  2. Add prowler to corp+ This should have been POs+, corporals rarely use the qilin and the qilin is better than the prowler anyways so the prowler wont even get used unless it comes down to one of those few moments a corp+ uses it, and thats if they decide to use it over the qilin. Corps use helis if they're checking redzones and the POs dont have an effective off road vehicle at the moment. Now I'm not saying the qilin is never used by corps+ but I believe it would've been more effective to give the prowler to the POs. This is just based off the fact I stated previously, no corporal checks a redzone unless they're in a heli, which is understandable. There are some cases where corps+ have checked redzones while in a car but I'm just saying typically they fly while POs obviously need to check redzones while in a car. Practically all redzones are in fields or off of some crappy dirt road, it would be effective for POs to have a good off road vehicle.
  3. This building is pretty cool, just add some shit inside and maybe outside for cover? Nothing crazy, for example salt pro and iron mine are dope af
  4. @Mason Harrison HBD! 

    1. Mason Harrison

      Mason Harrison

      Thank you fellow council sire 😀😀

  5. fat fucking pog Also, do other donor ranks get access to some of the custom Hex Icons? Like Supporter, VIP, MVP, Etc?
  6. @Ryan What are your plans with Arma 4 and the future of the server once it does eventually come out?

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    2. Bloodmoon


      How are you gonna make plans for arma 4 when it's not even announced??

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      But @Bloodmoon didn't you hear? Lewis made an announcment of an announcment video because they said they where looking "forward" to their next project.


    4. Montez


      >bohemia devs say a word to sound professional
      "FOURWARD? ARMA 4 ANNOUNCED 2020???"

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