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  1. HooDi

    Selling zafir

    Go down in price and some1 would probably buy its retarded though no way to take it onto server 3 so not a point
  2. Hahahaha yeah kids are cringy as fuck I believe that my alt f4 was completely deserved and should be allowed
  3. If you use anything other than a spar-17 don't talk to me
  4. Fuck sdar talk this shit is chill as hell
  5. HooDi

    Selling Gear

    Give me the zaf for free and deal
  6. Yeah get torre in his addiction withdrawals are hitting he needs to play
  7. SO both of you want to give me your money so I can play like even more of a retard and boost kiddies egos when I drop on them?
  8. HooDi


    hes banned from every server aswell man its bad
  9. 1. Put it near bottleneck so theres a point in it 2. Just make it permanently 15% off all rebel items (not vehicles) 3. https://gyazo.com/f0682a2cd7d1e448228ca17393b79942 try putting it there the h barriers and bunkers and hqs and deerstands all together ontop of a hill is retarded and impossible to push when theres 15 TP holding it. 4. Also make some kind of money incentive this isn't reborn where money is so easy. The amount of money you spend is ridicilous right now to get a pointless base (If I missed something lmk)
  10. What Sometimes Never
  11. No Jersey Mikes or Bojangles wtf Jersey Mikes*****
  12. HooDi


    AHAHAHAHAHAHAH nooooo bullied off arma in 2021

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