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  1. ayo who trynna carry me in tarkov. I got lvl 10 this wipe and stopped playing 

  2. Happy Birthday to one of the best designers and greatest gang leaders @Secret Agent 

  3. Cowboys Coaching staff is actually braindead they deserved to lose that game 


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    2. ThatNerdyGuy


      All you had to say was Cowboys. 

    3. Monks


      Everyone knows they've been going downhill since like 2018

    4. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh


  4. image0.png

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    2. Raquese


      I would care if cali wasnt full of commies

    3. Joce


      Sorry rioters ruined your country. 

    4. Xlax


      it was raining ashes all over the place where i live lmao

  5. Man titles the post "kekw" and not
  6. whoever is spamming weiners and swasticas in the GW live stream twitch chat youre ruining my immersion Kappa.png

  7. Praying for your child dawg. no parent should ever have to deal with that stuff with their child
  8. dunno if you guys are into him but Dr disrespect is back! small_pog_.png


  9. o7 Alpha squad lost a real one today. also still mad kyle finley told yall where I was and then I lost my 7 mill bounty xD


  11. some of you newbies are go to fucking fiveM if you want a Perfect RP server. OLY is Light RP and yet people still complain about it. If you don't like It, just go find a different server its not hard.
  12. big difference between anzus and oly
  13. all this quarantine shit just made me forget fake friends exist. sadge_.png

    1. N7Zero


      vitamin D deficit lookin ass.

  14. can we have a rocket league tournament?
  15. Im gonna miss you too man. Wish I played more cop in general xD. hopefully ill still see you here in there. Youre one of the most nicest straight forwards guys ive met on OLY ty bro
  16. anyone wanna game some squad? 


  17. I played with you, zeuse and wagner in RAT for a little bit and It was a lot of fun. Also had fun on cop with you a couple times. o7 brotha
  18. Didn’t play with you that much but when I did it was a good time I enjoy meming with you and with other SRs o7 dawg

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