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  1. happy bday @Venommu weirdo

  2. happy birthday little man @lukie

  3. im not, I have one in my pc. Im just pointing out that he doesnt need a 360mm rad when he can settle with the noctua
  4. This is what @eggybread games on
  5. some noctua coolers are better than AIO's, also the case has nothing to do with whether you can put an AIO in it, as long as its not a tiny little box
  6. Noctua have extremely good air coolers kek
  7. I demand a Huey with a g horn that plays fortunate son at 200 dB
  8. @NahBruhNotTodayfucking idiot not comping you 


  9. your an idiot, you make 200k+ if your a lucky mf, most of the time its between 130k and 190k with an average of about 160-170k
  10. happy birthday harry potter @Noble

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