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  1. 88 can Zerg one ezpz, just get in gunner of a hawk if it spawns, kill the pilot and take it for yourself
  2. Just do a BW until you get one smh
  3. Jesus, they gang banged your poor Huron
  4. The real [OS] Ryan wouldn’t even have his name set to [OS] Ryan lmao
  5. can’t wait to lose all my money to an npc
  6. another Huron for the APD hawk to fuck? Ballsy
  7. Did you have a pick axe to mine with? Also make sure you don’t have a windows lock on
  8. Can I at least get a warning point as a souvenir of my experience? @Grandma Gary thx bro appreciate it!
  9. I only set car bombs, I’m no terrorist, just a radicalised Olympian
  10. To be fair olympus could do with a fucking military to deal with the ol terrorism problem
  11. eknjack

    WTB mar10

    Buy both you have 50 mil you fucking dose
  12. I have a funny feeling that the APD wouldn’t like this faction, just a hunch.
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