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  1. bless this day which i had put 10m green and won @WALT @nomadox @Page  💪🏾 first black male to become the 7th richest 

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    2. mOE


      ^courean gambiling counsellor 

    3. Courean
    4. Page


      Leggo ma igga 

  2. after all the sadness and sorrow, and after the hundreds of millions lost. I have finally reached the success line gentlemen. The casino has finally done me good and @Jig bad

  3. mOE

    Selling Lim Taser

    how outrageous is it @Woo that i do a apd escort today i leave with a LIm and its a lethal WTF
  4. @Grandma Gary can i get first somali admin

  5. mOE

    07 Boys

    no goodbye to me
  6. Dead gang LOL dont see you at conquest?? you mass recruit Randies TP Is definitely not dead but that may have been the cringiest think u could have said stop with these arguments over armed assault three roleplay community AT’s it doesnt matter that much
  7. i was in The Altis Crime Syndicate too ;(
  8. that cant be true please tell me thats not true
  9. @crazed_ fuck crazed all my niggas hate crazed
  10. mOE


    its all about having fun don't force yourself to fight cartels if you don't enjoy it, also i would say if you are going to mainly fight cartels practice makes perfect so like walt said play alot of CQC and ask some friends for help and when you get better you can join bigger gangs that help you actually make money from cartels. Good luck
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