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  1. There has been several instances of players changing their names or gang tags to impersonate other members of the community in-game with the intent to harass them or otherwise damage their reputation by breaking server rules, trolling, or generally trying to harass the people they are impersonating. While it isn’t specifically against the rules to change your name to that of another person in-game, doing so and engaging in any of the aforementioned or similar activities above will result in proportionate administrative action.
  2. Congratulations! @ Venomm   @ Caden  @ Brandyn Barker  @ Xlax !!! Very great Senior picks and promotions! 

    Congrats @ Aceeee ! Knew it would only be a matter of time! 

  3. Happy Birthday @ Messy_0 don’t be a stranger! 

  4. Not hawkg, a returning staff member also named hawk
  5. Congrats! @ Noble

    Welcome back! @ hawk

    1. hawk


      Thanks brother🙂

  6. I S2G the only reason I went on the corp grind was losing all my money in the casino. I wasn’t even grinding for corporal I just needed money to stay alive. fr tho losing all my money actually motivated me to play cop and somehow that made it fun again after I got burnt out on it.
  7. Exactly. I’ve fought 10 five year olds and I’ll tell ya, 2 more is just a couple more notches on the belt. The five year old fighting belt that is.
  8. Revy


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