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    2. sploding


      Shit, I'll teach you how to design for some leftover chicken.

    3. Rafa


      TFW all the designers outsource their work to fiverr

    4. Peterr


      i already do xdddd

  1. Great job to everyone who worked to make this update!
  2. 👶Want to help new players?

    🌇Give back to the community?

    💰Receive biweekly payouts of $750k or 50 WPS?

    😎Free e-clout with in-game titles/skins?

    📰Tell people to make player reports?

    Join the support team today! Simply create a support request via the support tab and select "Support Team Application"! For more info on requirements check out our handbook: https://wiki.olympus-entertainment.com/wiki/Support_Team_Handbook

    or our wiki page: https://wiki.olympus-entertainment.com/wiki/Support_Team

    1. fyshie_


      no thanks u guys are virgins

    2. Ømar


      on cooldown lol

    3. Monks
  3. I believe the Dev team is working very diligently on identifying what program is being used, what’s causing games to crash, and how to prevent and block this going forward. As Maddox said, comp requests in this case typically requires minimal evidence.
  4. Congrats @ Maddox

    Well deserved promo for a talented and dedicated map designer!!!!! 😄

  5. The old one was a paper mache gang shed. Not saying that the rendering issue with the current one isn’t any better. @ Maddox goated map designer pls fix
  6. @ Noble Congrats on your introdfuction to the world of wiki curation!

  7. @ Cadenn Congrats on your introdfuction to the world of wiki curation!

  8. Congratulations to @ AmericanWaffle for being promoted in the chain of wiki curation.

  9. Congratulations @ Doc

    For those who haven’t had the good fortune, one of the friendliest, helpful, and smartest guys around. Well deserved! 

    1. Doc


      You're just too sweet

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