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  1. Add semi trucks to arma 3 if Jesus was alive he’d be a trucker 

  2. This has been a sentiment shared by most everyone in the server. If I had to guess the dev team is burned out on the bank and has decided to move on to other ideas. As for the events black waters and feds are not executed as often as they used to be so adding more might not be worth it. They added art gallery and nobody really does it and nobody does bank so I think they’re moving in the right direction making a new escort event as the pharma is probsbly the most popular of the “minor” events
  3. Azerbaijan and Armenia going to War where we dropping 

  4. I swear Ryan’s my brother he’ll get your player id ripped from under you so fast you’ll be spinning on your fricken head and he’ll push you with his pinky to the ban center to make some spineless appeal
  5. Hey man I’ll let you join my gang for nuclear secrets?
  6. I’ve been watching South Park since I was like 12 haha I’m always impressed with how they work to make it appeal towards everyone. I even read somewhere they’ve just been pushing it every season to see how much they can get away with and I love it. Favorite South Park moment was during the documentary they made about the studio and some guy just rips ass over the PA system.
  7. Tf are you cataloguing this mans bodily functions for. That being said this is prime
  8. G2A hella cheap. Plus all dlc can be cracked anyways. i agree that it’s not perfectly executed but I’ve played a fair bit of arma 3 custom campaigns and scenarios and that’s often the case. You raise a good point in that the main issue of making mods paid content is that there’s an abundance of free stuff that’s more fun, fleshed out, etc. It’s also hard to find a good in-between for the whole Skyrim workshop debacle and what BI is doing now. Honestly I just want arma 4 so I won’t be buying anymore DLC unless it’s innovative and new.
  9. One 100k bet everyday. Keeps you sane and it’s a minimal loss. Still get the seratonin from winning too
  10. BI is pretty great about giving these mod creators an opportunity to profit off their product. If you don’t like it don’t buy it
  11. Thanks for the info and the speedy reply good to know
  12. Good to know. Question: is sharing information on other peoples houses if you find out where they are meta if you find out on civ?
  13. server lobby has got everyone hostage rn wont let us in. is this revenge for  all the mic spam fuck

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