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  1. @kami herobrine lives in the fed vault and when the bomb blows he’s going to eat you irl 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rafaaa


      When Costas slams with a kozlice its like your body knows to shit ur pants before your brain does 

    3. kami


      when slams south west i just stick my head out so he can neck me 

    4. rafaaa


      when costas slams tears shoot up my ducts so fast they fly out my eyes like a cartoon 


    1. lukie


      why he do that to him

  3. rafaaa


    This has been debated time and time again and the consensus is that it would kill the server. It’s going to be better to help newer players (yes they exist) get financially stable enough to run with the people who are able to fight caps, do events, etc. That create content for the player base to participate in than drag everyone down to square 1.
  4. If you’re a solo player I recommend checking out the gang recruitment tab to find some people to play with. It’s safer to have someone watching your back Also that’s a pretty bold blanket statement to accuse most of the server of scripting People rob runs as a means of making money as well so if it’s frustrating then I refer you back to my first statement. You’ll have a lot more fun and find it easier to get started.
  5. Happy Birthday!!! @Ruan

  6. rafaaa

    corp BTW

    it was a game bug anyways spike strip spawned horizantal when it always spawns vertical
  7. Congrats!

    1. rafaaa


      Thanks gamer! 

  8. rafaaa

    corp BTW

    He admitted his mistake with the fed and you even got comp for it. End of the day you won’t meet anyone on APD who can truthfully say they’ve never made a mistake but you’ll definitely find tons of people who’ve learned from the experience.
  9. I knew you were next @Juanjakobe good job dude you deserve it @notsodank good job and congrats ez Corp picks. 

    @Headless congrats mom

    1. Juanjakobe


      Thanks man!!

  10. @Skys saw u on my favorite streamer hunter dean livestream it was epic 

  11. me when someone has an IT issue

    1. maxg


      no way i just watched the whole thing...

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