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  1. Exactly. My revenue would plunge without having to revive silla members or those that have an interaction with them. Looool
  2. No quality players? Au contraire. Where do you think R&R gets all those quality kidneys we put into people???
  3. Peace through murdering others. How very American of you.
  4. I mean, think about it. Stopping a VDMer is valuing everyone elses lives too........
  5. Man, if you a-holes are allowed to tackle people, we should be able to flatten VDMer's in a Strider...
  6. Make some hours then apply for R&R. Kiss the civ grind goodbye and hello to being robbed "less" lol (seriously, R&R > Civ, way more laid back)
  7. I will never complain about non-consensual cupcakes. Because I've never met one I don't consent getting stuffed in my face. lol
  8. Hang around in Kav Square for 5 minutes on a friday night and *SOMEBODY* will find a way. Welcome back bud. I've been noticing a lot of old school players coming back recently. Makes me all warm and fuzzy. lol
  9. Man, the mental health calls I've had in Kav all seem to come from one place. looooool
  10. have a good life i know you can do everything u want to achieve 

    1. smodamemory



  11. "Now that you're a Medic, when you gonna join APD?"

    "Dude I joined to patch bullet wounds, not make them"

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    2. Waddles


      @ Slumberjack you should tell @ David Miller  to do his job an stop trolling me 

    3. Mighty


      Just don't do that with apd if you ever join. They get a fat rod up the bum when you ask about po test xD

    4. PolarBear


      "Now that you're a Medic, when you gonna join APD?"

      "Dude I joined to patch bullet wounds, not make them"


      @ Mighty

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