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  1. EatMeth

    Good luck retard : )
  2. This tweet sums up the hacker situation to me


    1. Silton


      that sums up sidechat but with ip address

  3. If you don't agree that game of thrones has gone full dogshit you are a monkey.

    1. Col3


      100 fucking percent

    2. Slumberjack


      I wish they had split it into two seasons at the least :( 

      Feels oh-so rushed....

  4. When all the e-girls left olympus is when this community fell into the shitter.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Orgondo


      Madiwadi is the only one who can save the Servers now


    3. Nex is on route

      Nex is on route

      @RDyer216 no im not being catfished lmao

    4. Ronin


      where's my dude Nicole

  5. EatMeth

    new emote up
  6. EatMeth

    Where the fuck is @McDili on the list lmao Fuck Tai as chief

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