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  1. if any e-women want to hit my line I got a chief of police account I can lend you for some feet pics 😀

  2. 🧀🐀 <-- Nerdy

    1. Airborne


      Don't forget @Pledge He's also a career🐀 

    2. Pledge


      @Airborne I didn't even hear about this till it had a majority. I'm a rat but this one ain't me

  3. Happy birthday!


    1. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      yea filter siege super fun to watch omegalol

  5. Don't forget your side of food poisoning
  6. This is just a game of cops and robbers.

    Yall need to realize this.

    Cops and Robbers. 

    1. KrispyK


      Dont forget vigi and handout civ rep

    2. TheCmdrRex


      This is how I describe the game mode to anyone that has never heard of it. Cops and robbers.

  7. Ares just needs to sell his bathwater.

  8. "Make Sure to Rate Me 5 Stars On The OS Support App and next time bring more meth"
  9. Welcome back stolen valor :dejaywink:

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