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  1. if its 1 extra bullet why do you need it so bad?
  2. lmk when u get above 220 ap kid
  3. GG Mk1

    Items for Sale

    selling hawk 500k less than noah
  4. They have made multiple efforts to boost conquest to make it more viable for cartel fighters but it just seems like its at point where you guys want to log on the server make 5m for conquest each to play for the week. You guys are trying to play the game without playing the game rn. you should not be able to log onto the server and finically sustain yourself if all you are doing is fighting in warzone. You guys can also extend out make money from fed, runs etc. but being able to play once a week in warzone and have enough money when u log off for a week a cap fighting just seems super unbalanced.
  5. i do think goat did do this once to raid a titan out of someones house
  6. thought a failed raid was putting your rank on the line for it
  7. sorry kiddo but pt 2 will be comming
  8. @Bloodsport dont forget to let me know when u wanna get rolled on csgo
  9. 10m. 9.2 if u cover transfer
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