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  1. i swear your going to old suggestion posts and getting ideas there. last i heard it wouldve been too much of a strain on the server for this to happen and secondly not all gangsheds have the space for a heli pad. would also make gangsheds a bit overpowered
  2. how would this add a new aspect to the game? and what effects would the personal use have? anyone can suggest an idea but for you to be taken seriously you need the numbers to go with it. The guy who made the toliet didnt just say "hey lets shit in bowls, not the streets!" he had to figure out all the plumbing that went along with it.
  3. nerdy a snake hoe
  4. Lou

    o7 losers

    i sum people complaining about the server up to mental retardation and boredom
  5. Lou

    o7 losers

    weak and not funny @Deathgrasp wore it better
  6. Lou


    @Ryan cunt
  7. who you callin crackhead ya pizza faced bitch
  8. @Rexo @Hylos @Jordan540 @TheCmdrRex @Mako @Sandman @kylelake @ChrisGG have you not learned from our "peoples" past? and @Mita GTFO out nasty hoe
  9. last i knew you scammed 3gs paypal and ur dad beat ur ass
  10. thats pretty high for a first offer dawg
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