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  1. Question.. What ever happend to @CheeseGrater? the very first guy who accused me of stealing his name i remember when i first starting playing in early 2016..

  2. Love you like a little brother big dawg

  3. @Stuffy chill my guy, don't talk about my lil brother @Monks and Big Brother @Headless
  4. But @Mudiwa bomos island needs you man wtf
  5. o7 @Mudiwa i still remember the first day i met you than shortly after stripes kicked me out of ICE for saying BWAAA! goodbye man i wish u da best
  6. o7 @Mudiwa i'm going to miss you broda

  7. say it aint sooooooooooo @Mudiwa i still remember the first time i met you in ICE main take care
  8. yoo get on ts support lounge #1 im bored!!

    1. rafaaa


      hahaha I'm at your beck and call Cheese 

    2. CHEESE1


      lets go boyyyy im bored af lets chat 😛

  9. @Karma I got the 10 mill ready hit me up and I'll get on ts
  10. Server and how much
  11. ayeee! :), hmu on ts bro
  12. How Much Man?? s1 or s2?
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