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  1. Fefe

    Selling Lim Taser

    alrighty getting on rn Im Fefe in game btw still got 2min on server swap
  2. Fefe

    Selling Lim Taser

    I tried to pm you but it didnt let me, should i just msg u here?
  3. Fefe

    Selling Lim Taser

    yo, if u still have it ill buy the LIM tazer, i gotta farm for a bit but i can get enough tonight if you will be on
  4. It is also up to which support member you get, for example every time I've got Tyrone we ended up solving the matter in a civil manner without any problems and quite fast. I can't remember other names but I do remember getting multiple support member that are actually good. Of course there are also those that just sit there and do nothing about whats going on or sometimes they might even incentivize a fight in between both parties. You know this ain't ever gonna happen.
  5. Always after restart a couple minutes go by and no matter which server you are on it crashes, its like it was doing a second restart but its a hard restart.
  6. gotta love whenever people dont read
  7. Fefe

    Selling Stuff

    How much for ASP, mx, spars and promet taser/sg
  8. But if u do, make sure u get a video of it.
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