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  1. Hey Dabest miss you very much big guy. Please stop selling the dope 

  2. Add another command in the middle, that base only benefits defenders right now. Your going to have about 5 people in that one command and 3 in a deersand and the rest in that fucking bunker. Another command and deerstand will do it. The fact its on a hill benefits the defenders but another factor that also benefits the defenders is the amount of buildings which means they can place more players. Add in those two buildings^ and it'll even it out for attackers giving them more choice of where to slam
  3. @Grandma Gary Mind updating the photo then to apparently how it actually looks. If that is the current design that you guys have planned for this, then enjoy the main combat gangs never returning to it again
  4. Compound is way to small me and @WALT mentioned it to others how there needs to be a much larger compound surrounded by sandbags and walls. That current base is going to be shit when a 12 man gang takes hold of it, cant wait to see one guy run up command and kill 8 people
  5. Glad to see my Gangs who own a Cartel now earn passive money Generates every 10 minutes dependant on player population Holding additional cartels generates additional revenue was added. Should boost the number of fights now at all zones as rewards are higher
  6. Cliffoff


    @ZAZA hello I am the CEO of CQC on arma what I can suggest to you from reading only 3 pages of this is please contact someone outside and have a sit down with them before you think about something that you cannot come back from ILR wise
  7. The real question between servers should be Olympus vs GrandTheftArma...
  8. Cliffoff

    o7 gents

    Mashalla brother inshalla I come see you in summer when I’m in London I will take you out. Bye bye only black man on arma
  9. Send any clips you think are worthy of Cliffoff's Arma 3 apes 


    1. Montez


      conway noooooooo

  10. Add this I send you sneak peak of arma 4 trailer which Dwarden sent me
  11. Jokes aside fun conquest and hope we can see it on other maps later on. I had a bug that when I spawned in at the very start of conquest I didn’t have my shield protection and I was killed instantly by another player leaving rebel. More money would be nice to see though
  12. Bugged conquest first place but 2.1 mill out of a 90 mill pot pls fix should be easily over 5 mill
  13. Why are Oly and Asy the only two servers that share banned players, we dont see this with GTA and reborn or any of the EU servers
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