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  1. Wanna buy my titan? 150k o7 fr tho it was fun
  2. im only drinking redgulls the real gamer juice
  3. jackr


    Middleman 22.5m No less
  4. I have seen a lot of cops doing it recently and they try following me in to rebel and get raped so I cba it also gives them an oppurtunity to push cap which is fun. But if they tase you in therisa its kinda annoying
  5. I just got 4v1 butt raped but you did something thats against the rules give me 5mil comp or ban retard cya in 2 weeks
  6. jackr


    No probably only ryan or zahzi has all of them @ZeRo
  7. jackr


  8. Olympus processing times are the slowest out of all altis life servers and kits cost more too. This would help because it is less time for the same amount of money.
  9. treat others the way you want to be treated.
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