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  1. There are a ton of retards that have licenses @ Venomm
  2. if someone is tailgating you put your cruise on and every once and awhile decrease by 1mph until he passes. Has worked for me like twice.
  3. @ Venomm can't drive for shit. He's on his phone snapping people 90% of the time!
  4. Hey Olympus. I super happy that this thread was made. On August 24th 2021 my sister Nicole had taken her life. She was 24. She was battling with mental heath issues due to her being diagnosed with chronic crohn's disease since age 11. She was always a out doors, animal loving kind of person. She used to always take care of me when my parents were at work and basically raised me for a few years. She loved to hang out with friends and loved taking me places during the summer months. When she was 16 her crohn's had put her in the hospital. She was on her death bed but she fought hard and made it through. Around a year later she attempted suicide by OD'ing on meds. I had heard her crying to her due to our rooms being close to each other, that night I was able to save her and get her help. Since then she had struggled with finding what she wanted to do with her life. and then she met her husband, Cody. They got married a year and a half ago and she finally looked like she had figured her life out. She was finally going to college and was surrounded by support and love. on August 23 2021 10:09 PM she called me and we chatted about how life was going. After around 20 minutes of talking she ended the call with the last words I will ever get to hear from her. "I love you buddy, I always will." I wish I would have been able to save her again but I wasn't. She sounded joyful and happy and I would have never guessed something was going on. What I'm trying to say is even if someone looks happy, there might be something you don't know about happening behind the curtains. If you have friends or family who have struggled mentally, give them a call once in a while and let them know someone is there for them. And for those of you struggling mentally. Someone will always be there for you. ALWAYS. Stay safe and healthy everyone. If you need someone to talk to I am more than happy to speak with any of you guys.
  5. if you're still worried about Olympus when arma 4 comes out you need therapy.

  7. You're bashing people that play the game yet here you are obsessing over the same game AND saying you are "going to rape someones mom, and kill their family."
  8. 3m mar-10? who tf pays 3m?
  9. How much for a mar-10 mar-10 sup dms and ENVG oh, nevermind.
  10. you're telling him to stop calling a 25 year old a kid even though you literally go out of your way to downvote people on a forums page. Like what?
  11. @ sploding happy b day. age of consent still 14 in brazil? 

    1. sploding


      You bet it is

  12. @ PUREPK TTV can you even see your fucking monitor? Not racist just looks bright inside

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