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  1. Will definitely take a look then to double check if there’s any issues with it At least 60 players need to be on for certain amount of time before a fallout zone can occur.
  2. It has been adjusted so that if you are taking damage from radiation you won't get the healing affect.
  3. Should do a @ Doof vs @ Doofy just like with lukie and owen to see which is better
  4. Haaaaapppyy Birthday!! @ HeadLESS

  5. happy birthday!! @ destruct

  6. Lowkey hoping it's a joke but o7 @ 1thedoc . It was a pleasure to see your rise in the APD so successfully and a greater joy to fool around with you on cop. Good luck in everything and anything. 

    - 4thedoc (or 3thedoc i forgot)

  7. That's why certain staff members will attend if possible to make sure everything answered is correct according to the server rules and that this event goes smoothly. Seniors of factions are also free to come and try to answer questions regarding their faction if possible.
  8. Happppy birthday you fool @ Revise

  9. Due to the Gang Wars Event having been finished ahead of schedule, today's Sara conquest will resume as normal on Server 3. 

    Congratulations to our top 3 Gang Wars Winners:

    1st - Teamplayers

    2nd - Unknown

    3rd - Synergy 

    MVP - @ WALT

  10. APD handbook update will be coming out soon regarding UC rules It is available for deputies+ but will follow similar wetsuit rules regarding usage
  11. Congrats buddy 🙂

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