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  1. Doc


  2. swervy

    this kid got dicked on and its my fault? gtfo


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    2. Drippp


      Shit server can’t believe you still play this shit @ swervy

    3. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      I mean. You still DPI’ed. Sorry bro. I’d say take the ban like a man and just don’t do it again 😉 

    4. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Ok @ swervy  I’ll shut the fuck up :’( .... 

  3. 3d4b69523bfd74809e513c23e91887a9.png

    Hmm raining ghosthawks it seems? 🤔

    1. Lime


      Ah yes, the Ghosthawk Aerodynamic Yield (GAY) system, used during extreme maneuvering or aerial failures. 

    2. Venomm


      New airdrop wildin 👀

    3. Pancake


      cant wait for it to be rammed with a hatchback .0002 seconds after touching down and have a comp request denied

  4. Being RDM’ed would still give you NLR only being killed by Arma bug and other situational events can ignore NLR
  5. Looking at how we currently update it I’m taking a strong guess towards consecutive months would be how you get the titles.
  6. Basically made it so that voices in game sound a lot cleaner and better
  7. Added: Olympus Plus A monthly subscription that gives you access to multiple in-game and out-of-game rewards and also helps with the upkeep of our servers just like donations. In-Game Rewards: Ability to call in a server wide airdrop rebel outposts You can only request airdrop if there are 60+ players online Access to weapon skins from $50 and $30 donor tiers Ex: Promet skins, Green MXs, Lush AKs, MK-1 woodland, sand and lush Access to specific RVMATS VR Red, VR Blue, Toxic, Amethyst and Emerald Special in-game titles that signify how long you've been subscribed These unlock alongside your subscription, milestones are 1mo, 3mo, 6mo and 1yr. Special Title color Ability to name vehicles as well as set a custom vehicle plate Can set a vehicle name that will display globally when being impounded/seized and will show on the registration Ability to set the custom license plate on select civilian vehicle variants, Hatchbacks, Offroads, Jeeps, SUVs etc. Icon above player name similar to how APD rank show which mimics the chosen hex icon Icon can be toggled within the settings menu 2 additional loadout slots $250 donors also unlock the same reward Gain 3 hex icon unlocks per subscription Textures for factions Civilians Yellow Abibas Tracksuit - @Mason Harrison White Abibas Tracksuit - @Mason Harrison Abibas Japanese Uniform - @Mako Abibas x Blossom Qilin - @Mako Abibas Messenger bags - @maxg Hyperbeast Hatchback, Hyperbeast Qilin & Hyperbeast Ifrit - @jig Aquamarine Hatchback, Aquamarine Qilin & Aquamarine Ifrit - @Stelar BattlEye Ifrit & BattlEye Qilin - @Mason Harrison BattlEye Uniform - @jig Palpay Ifrit - @jig Olystar Orca - @Masoooooooooon Cloud Ifrit - @ Mason Harrison Racer SUV - @ Brolaf APD Pilot Uniform (Rank 3+ - Corporal) - @Mason Harrison Shortsleeve Combat Uniform (Rank 3+ - Corporal) - @Mason Harrison Digital Camo variant (Rank 6+ - Sergeant) - @Mako Longsleeve Combat Uniform (Rank 2+ - Patrol Officer) - @Mason Harrison Longsleeve Fatigues (Rank 2+ - Patrol Officer) - @Mason Harrison Hex Urban Camo Fatigues (Rank 4+ - Ret. SAPD) - @Mako Hex pattern Qilin (Rank 4+ - Ret. SAPD) - @Mako Hex pattern Ghosthawk (Rank 6+ - Sergeant) RnR Coast Guard Sweater (Rank 1+ - EMT) - @Mason Harrison Coast Guard Pilot Coveralls (Rank 3+ - Adv. Paramedic) - @Mason Harrison Forums/TS Rewards: Access to a more detailed Olympus Stats V2 page Ability to bookmark players in Olympus Stats V2 TS tag which matches changes the more time you spend as a subscriber (Mimics the same time as titles) Forums tags Additional forums reactions Additional Rewards to be added with an update post in the very near future Evidence Lockup A new federal event that will occur after a jail breakout which will allow civilians to regain their previously seized gear from the APD Civilians will be able to break into the Evidence Locker after breaking into the Jail 5 APD officers must be on duty to break into the Evidence Locker Hacking into the Evidence Locker will take 10 minutes and a Hacking terminal Has a red timer for APD & Rebels participating Once 5 minutes remain the external jail dome doors will unlock and open Civilians that break into the Evidence Locker will be able to take previously seized gear from the APD (Blackwater and APD Gear Excluded) and gear from the Altis Penitentiary Riot squad. Texture Additions: Billboard for new players - @maxg Devilman Crybaby Ifrit - @Mason Harrison RnR Pararescue Uniform - @sploding Scarface Suit - @sploding Barbie Quilin - @Mason Harrison Joker Suit - @sploding New Top Conquest Wetsuit - @maxg Woo Back Wednesday Gang Uniform & Vehicle - @Mason Harrison Woo Gang Ifrit Blossom - @Masoooooooooon Woo Gang Ghosthawk - @Mason Harrison Savage Tacticians Gang Uniform - @Brolaf Altis Air Force Gang Uniform - @Mason Harrison Task Force 141 Gang Uniform - @jig D12 Gang Hatchback - @Mason Harrison Altis Postal Service Van & Uniform - @maxg Charon Industry Gang Uniform - @Mason Harrison SRT Longsleeve Uniform ($250 & PO+) - @Mason Harrison SRT Shortsleeve ($250 & Corp+) - @Mason Harrison Monster Qilin ($100) - @Ajame Teamplayers GRANIT Gang Uniform - @jig Teamplayers Wetsuit Gang Uniform - @Masoooooooooon Prada Wetsuit Gang Uniform - @maxg AltEx Ceasar BTT - @Brolaf sRnR is now able to seize equipment off the ground Icon above player names When VON is active Restrained Players will now get a display within the player interaction menu showing if they were restrained by APD or Civilians Players now have the option within the services section of their Y-Menu to spend a dispatch message to all online support team members who have access to the dispatch system Fullscreen NVGs at all stores for $5,000 as part of the March Donation Goal Interior Lighting to Hospitals Adaptive rendering zones for increased client performance Changed: RVMAT Changes Added additional materials for $250 donors or Olympus+ Subscribers VRGold, VRFade, VRToxic, VRDynamo, VRRage, Sterling, Iridium, Butterfly and Quantum Materials are no longer lost with basic insurance VR Material price reductions from 75% of vehicle value -> 55% for VR Materials no longer show for second+ layer on the Qilin, Ifrit, Prowler, Hunter and Truck. Workers Protection License Revamp WPL holders will be able to access the Market & Clothing Store at any gun store WPL holders will be able to save & load loadouts at any gun store Buying the WPL will now display a list the rules, buffs, and gear that come with a WPL Added MXC to WPL holders DP Mission Revamp Regular DP & Plane DP missions will now give a bonus 20% pay out for owning a WPL Plane DP payouts were changed to 100K - 125K (not including the 60k purchase return) Regular DP payouts were increased from $2.4/meter to $7.5/meter Completing a Plane DP mission now gives an ATM cooldown similar to gas station robberies DP missions now tax 15% of the profit if the player is under restrictions RnR Gas Tank Increased maximum virtual capacity from 60 to 90 Increased price from 500 to 5K The gas tank now acts like a tool kit Support Team Rewards Revision Support Team Rank I: Support Team Uniform Support Team Rank II: Support Team Dispatch Support Team Rank III: Support Team Title Support Team Rank IV: 2nd Support Team Title The Staff RNR rank has be changed to Pararescue Upgraded voice codec for in-game VON Reverted Medic denial marker color to orange Cartel markers no longer show during a Warzone conquest Replaced Conquest Markers Replaced Shift + T markers Updated Staff Intro section Market Prices now increase 3x more than before after having other item types sold Increased starting cash from 50K to 100K Nifi Conquest points reworked Message when trying to start a Pharmaceutical robbery now displays the remaining cooldown if one happened recently Smoke from vehicles such as Ifrits now causes players within the smoke to not be able to view player tags The amount of smokes an Ifrits has been reduced from 2 to 1 per vehicle Updated APD Training Dummy to reflect changes made to the Player Interaction menu Storing or Claiming Vigilante arrest will now properly warn that arrests will not stack with previous arrest or arrest gained after storing Vehicles no longer lose insurance when adding them into a gang garage Gang Base is now always a Red Zone and instead the zone size increases when a Gang Base skirmish occurs and decreases afterwards The APD armed prowler during a large APD escort now always spawns rather than being dependent on APD population Vigilante can no longer restrain Medics Medics now gain 10K instead of 7.5K from revives when buddied up Disallowed the ability to respawn within areas covered in an NLR zone New players now get a warning about spawning within Kavala Prices of all LMG magazines rebalanced in Rebel, Blackmarket & APD Weapon shops APD lethal authorization now applies to both POs and Deputies instead of only POs SWAT changes SWAT I given MXM & Carrier Lite SWAT II given MXSW SWAT IV given GL Carrier Rig Fixed: APD Undercover rank icons Networking optimizations regarding database queries Vehicle ammo refilling ATs to 12 instead 4 Ear Plugs being removed when being restrained Converted more legacy hints into the new hints PO not having lethals while in vehicles after authorization from higher up Combat log arrest not increasing vigilante arrest stat Hint for Restart Time Adjustment not going away Stopped allowing bomb to be planted at Federal Reserve before bolt cutting the doors SWAT officers not receiving point capture rewards while in a vehicle DP11 Vigilante buy hut and surrounding objects Warzone Echo Conquest point object issues Vehicle ammo not refilling after Arma update Spike strips not disabling vehicles Redundancy in the RNR helmet shop Therisa Peach Field not working Virtual inventory toolkit not allowing medics to repair broken walls and objects Vigilantes not receiving an arrest after sending someone who combat logged Silencers not being removed from backpack or vest during APD seize APD members not receiving seized reward from airdrops if they were in a vehicle Having dead SWAT members count towards the cop count required to start a federal event Not being able to flip the APD escort vehicle once its flipped Medic vehicle security trackers not showing up on the map Players having their banks reset when receiving money while in the loading screen The hint when putting oil items into a non-fuel variant vehicle Optimized damage handlers Casino winnings stat reaching a cap in value In-game Changelogs not displaying when they were too long Some vehicle rearming after or during an event Purchasing Mk14 10rnd mags giving Rahim mags Removed: Texture Removals: Even Stranger Things Billboard McOlympus Ifrit SFA Gang Uniform 88 Gang Uniform Silla Gang Unifom Cumslut Gang Uniform The ability to contest cartels from the water As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
  8. @ Venomm  @ Cadenn YOOOOOO!! took long enough, congrats my bois 

    1. Venomm


      Thank you developer weeb! ❤️

    2. Cadenn
  9. Then there you go, you have your response. Not everything that the administrative staff does can be publicized publicly and situations like this one, where its a internal gang affair between the two of you there, sensitive information about one another can easily be published that another person doesn't want. In the end of the day there's no point in bringing a gang conflict onto the forums, you're not gaining anything from it, the other party is not gaining anything, and with the spam of posts, just to get back the videos, it only shows that you're willing to be persistent over this person for something that doesn't directly affect you and something you could easily just keep in mind then continue on with your day.
  10. Maybe instead of publicly posting it on the forums just make a general inquiry and ask them directly about why it is getting taken down if you disagree and explain why you disagree. Either way, Hurricane already explained it himself as to why it was getting taken down in the previous posts you made about this. Truth be told at this point you're just creating useless posts and spamming the forums in attempts to lash out at the staff rather than properly confronting them and being decent about the way you take this. The issues you have in your gang are between you and your gang.
  11. Doc

    bye bye

    o7 you'll miss this hell hole
  12. 7 hours of grinding just for this bad boi https://gyazo.com/e551b4677339a00b87507b9f8cad52e2

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    2. House


      dire promise on top

    3. Ziggyuwu


      that shit brings me back to d1 y1 trials and getting mopped by thorn and hawkmoon

    4. mOE


      only real ones know the grind of trying to get the bounty in d1 when it was nuts, but The Last Word  was better in its prime. Only gun in that game i miss at its prime is the gjallarhorn its was so broken.

  13. Happy birthday my guy @Venomm

    1. Venomm


      thank you ❤️

  14. @maxgayye look at this duude big boy paintbrusher

    1. maxg


      Thanks big code boi ❤️

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