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  1. i wanna buy sting tasers or some cheap tasers under 125k
  2. hi look very very cool but is a casino safe zone and dose it have a atm inside?
  3. great event wish the time was diff
  4. so u spam dislike me and do not tell me what i did to u so u basicly acting like a kid but if u so big and good what is your in game name and i show u something

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Vigi easy money

      Vigi easy money

      people down vote you because all you do is post shit ideas

    3. xplayx14


      no? i stopped posting as u told me to now i only post stuff about buying and selling and making great deals but this guy stright up dislikes all my stuff even if it is good or bad 

    4. Dante


      Lmao y’all so sensitive 

  5. i stay up all night so i can play the best server on arma 3 oly when it has people on it so idk what u on about also who u calling 12?
  6. if i can see right nerdy u said 5th and noah said 4th and there are 2 diff dates i do not know what one it is now i ust say this events are very badly done first of all u do not give the right time or date and do not tell people what they need and where to go so idk how u guys wanna make inactive people come back when this info is bad?
  7. add me on discord we talk price i think we can make a deal BabyTakeItOff#2704
  8. how low are u willing to go with the price?
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