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  1. Adammm

    selling wps 12k

    i can sell u 255 rn if u log on before him
  2. Adammm

    selling wps 12k

    255 in total rn
  3. feel shit just want @Truthy back

    1. Monks


      tbh truthy was 100% the coolest person out of all the banned kids lol

    2. proud
    3. Drippp


      I also feel like shit and just want @Truthyyy unbanned

  4. shut up cheese man
  5. Adammm

    selling wps

    on tht porch @Woo
  6. Adammm

    selling wps

    ill log on now if ur on
  7. Adammm

    selling wps

    selling 200wps for 13k each
  8. Adammm

    wtb warpoints

    ill sell u 200 rn
  9. @Noahhh! buy mine also im broke
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