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  1. Fly


    ay i dont like you owen but ill always respect everyone get well soon g
  2. wrong place wrong time stop crying get over it loser
  3. you JUST said im getting booted?
  4. ddos threats enjoy the perm
  5. Fly


    people just like those gangs so they dont report them they dont get any special treatment
  6. Fly


    Thanks man really means alot
  7. Fly


    Man all i wanted to say was I have so many good memories on this server waking up early and starting to play arma getting robbed and vdmed and getting pissed off and yelling my fuckin brains out. I want to play the game but all my friends either stopped playing or became assholes or i lost. I dont think anyone knows me i hope i made some kind of name for myself on the server i might play at times off and on maybe ill come back but for now stay safe and have fun. Also thank you @Headless for dealing with my retardation. See ya on the other side boys.
  8. Fly

    Selling Gryphon

    2.5 mil @Maddox

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