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  1. 800m from mushroom pro 2 crater 300 meters from sofia drug dealer 2 crater
  2. KingPaul

    Wtb tasers

    Pm quantity and prive thx
  3. Yo make it 800k for all and ill buy em all rn
  4. KingPaul


    You on to sell?
  5. Im tryna get a good deal if you want to put in a bid you can nobody stopping you haha
  6. KingPaul


    Cool save it for me and i should be home later on to pick them up
  7. idk how much they go for i took a break and lost all my houses haha. need some to make money
  8. whats good brother idk if you remember me from Limits but anyways how much? @FaXe
  9. KingPaul


    3.25 ill buy it rn
  10. Buying dp 25 house and dp 17 4 crater houses
  11. KingPaul


    3m for all mk1 tasers
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