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    2. Cyanide


      @ThatNerdyGuy things got a bit out of hand. hahahahaa

    3. evannnn


      @Mr GOAT do it plz fighting apd is more fun than the non-existent cartel gangs

    4. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      I’ll be on cap with the goons in less than 30 kid, consider this my PC

  1. conquest today plz

  2. do the dono goals take place the month after the donation month?

    like march dono goal then they would take place in april

    1. Dank MeeMoo

      Dank MeeMoo

      It depends on how much work it takes to implement the donation goal.

    2. Dante


      That was the original goal back in the day but so many good donation goals end up backing up development since it’s not easy implementations. 

  3. march dono goal should be fixing this clean up script

  4. when does voting end for the contest


    1. Ryan


      yesterday, jus tneed to make a post.

  5. corona got my sleep scheduled fucked up

  6. i don’t think i’m going to sleep 

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    2. Mason Harrison
    3. evannnn


      i just wanted to inform you 

    4. Dawn


      Evan I’m right there with yuh bud, covid 19 sechdule got me fucked up

  7. evannnn


    i will never forget when i caught you with your pants down and killed you with a pdub o7
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