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  1. Pew pew games bring out the best in people, love it
  2. There was 17 cops online, 5 in Kav and 7 responding as soon as the fed started, they had 20 mins setting up and we had channels split up when they started to cut, then all the cops were moved and the fed happened
  3. Again, bring back no complaining federal events, get more people if u wanna do a fed we cant always know how many are at a fed, if u know how many cops are on and still are trying to do a 8 man fed I think personally its no need to complain about balance
  4. Time on bomb was 8 mins and we gave them time to sort the fed out due to the server being reset
  5. I remember when you never had to worry about the amount of people at a fed, back in the day when feds were actually fun and nobody complained
  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kay! Sup Steven nice to meet yah!
  7. Fuck all of you lmfaoooo This make a wish kid sorted you a pharma for some decent RP lmfao, I got my wish to be a Officer for a day
  8. I love the forums, You see some amazing things happen on here. Juan deserves Corp, my boy is one of the better cops I have seen playing this game, don't see why this had to go on the forums like but thanks for the laugh reading all these comments, just shows how people really feel about a game
  9. Gotta love the local forum posts xD
  10. Free stuff??? Gimme Gimme!
  11. @SPBojo Nobody has shit on a Career Medic. They won't risk being denied xD. You on Civ, everyone fears a Bojo, your unpredictable, either pop the fuck off or whiff and ALT-F4 xD xD
  12. That is a real roleplay gun @SPBojo. Almost as good as a Deputy Chief being killed by a Career Medic. That is some serious roleplay right there that you did my guy xD

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