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  1. I love the forums, You see some amazing things happen on here. Juan deserves Corp, my boy is one of the better cops I have seen playing this game, don't see why this had to go on the forums like but thanks for the laugh reading all these comments, just shows how people really feel about a game
  2. @SPBojo Nobody has shit on a Career Medic. They won't risk being denied xD. You on Civ, everyone fears a Bojo, your unpredictable, either pop the fuck off or whiff and ALT-F4 xD xD
  3. That is a real roleplay gun @SPBojo. Almost as good as a Deputy Chief being killed by a Career Medic. That is some serious roleplay right there that you did my guy xD
  4. Birb is officially broke Time to sell all those G-Hawks xD xD
  5. Turn vigi into a non Whitelisted cop with lights n sirens, nah thanks
  6. PD Wont respond to my damn panic buttons! Respond to 911's my ass! xD
  7. One thing is for sure, he will do a better job than me! xD
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