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  1. how is that a perm and how is it ddos threats i ment bott you from the gang not that how does one even do that
  2. says the 12 year old that was about to get booted
  3. says the people switching there names to barcodes because they hated being called losers
  4. send me 2 mil and ill tell you were we live no cap
  5. How are we bugging you your after us
  6. You will never find us at are houses we are roaches we be scattered around But when the time comes to it we will find you
  7. I just need the ingame money casino makes me poor
  8. how much would you take that is the lowest you will take
  9. im trying to buy multiple stings and M5
  10. How much would be 3 m5s and 3 stones
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