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  1. Stfu and let the adults play pokemon/michael vick with the young children.
  2. Maybe we can get an admin to set it up. It generated so much interest last time that it's clearly good for the server. @Headless? An admin could make it an official event by teleporting in spectators and all lol.
  3. CTF would like to formally submit a squeaker challenger. Mr Hawkg vs lukie.
  4. "You WILL NEVER EVER BE ON CIVILIAN COUNCIL. I'll make sure of that" -Suwoop 2 weeks ago. Never really wanted to, but now I kind of do after that.
  5. They were all kicking it with an admin. Seems like a free pass scenario. I don't want anyone to get into trouble, just suggesting a warning if they get tied up like this.
  6. Not salty about being killed. Was admin rezzed and teleported to safety. I think I do have video? But that doesn't matter they were all just dicking around leveling kav with an at offroad. Just saying though, if all the medics are tied up doing something with admins, there should be some announcement that nobody's getting rezzed. Several of my crew also lots kits from bleedouts with all those medics on. Both servers will die. That's just planning for failure. To just think that the server pop will never go back up again, and to go through all the effort to make sure it's no longer an easily executed option is a terrible idea. Sometimes people just wanna chill and make money in peace, and throwing all those different gangs into the same server, and destroying all the infastructure of half the gangs just leads to nobody ever being able to make money unless they are in a giant zerg gang. Server pop cap should not be the goal. This whole experiment is a terrible idea that is going to finish this community off way faster than it naturally should be. And this statement kind of confirms exactly what I said when it was first announced. This has almost nothing to do with testing hardware, and is just a bait and switch to close a server and try to skirt the outrage over it.
  7. Explains why I bled out in sofia with 7 medics on, only to respawn in kav and get killed by a medic. Salt in the wound. Admins should make an announcement before this stuff.
  8. Jesus, my fans are in an uproar.
  9. Strictly speaking as someone who has to shoot at noble on a daily basis, I too am upset that they changed their uniforms to anything other than the classic bright reflective hunter orange.
  10. This is a positive post. Dont be toxic please.
  11. @Jig did a sick ass job on these. Even when we get kidnapped it just turns into a conversation about how fresh this shit is. If you get to request a designer.. go with him.
  12. Imagine getting triggered in a shitpost by shitposting.
  13. anti


    07 biggie. You'll always be lil homie.
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