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  1. We're all playing a game about an island full of men, with absolutely no women, who tie each other up and take their clothes off. If gay marriage ain't legal in altis, it wouldn't be legal anywhere. This shit is gay af.
  2. If anyone pulled this off, they would have like 4 hours on arma tops.
  3. Theres no mention of the processing leveling up that was added that I see? It's fucking sick though.. I love it.
  4. anti


    They also went radio silent on ending the war because they couldn't blame titans for it.
  5. anti


    Don't feel bad. It took me 3 days of blowing up their gang shed to get em to war me.
  6. anti


    Nah.. the bitch fed her husband to a tiger. Ya'll are eatin noble.
  7. Suicide jokes are a small part of it. Some of these younger kids base their entire self worth on games like this. Go look at the forums ffs. People ask honest and sincere questions and get ganged up on, called names, ect. This is the most toxic gaming community I've ever been involved with, and I was in the conan exiles bet.a lol Maybe, just be nicer to eachother. Everytime someone say 'good fight' after a fight, they set the bar forward 100 feet. That's not even to mention the things women have to endure on olympus. I've yet to see a single active woman on server one that hasnt been called 'fat' or 'tranny' 100 times.
  8. I think the biggest part of this is the kids who look up to the older guys. You set the example, and they will always take it two steps further than you.... so start from two steps back.
  9. You know what kills me the most about the merger? Exner sacrificed his whole gang and threw them at the mercy of noble, and in return they gave him rank 3. There are 16 year old kids that outrank the guy who led the gang, who is a navy pilot. The absolute disrespect.
  10. Think he means more vehicles and physical inventory.
  11. Truth be told, Noble skillfully manipulated alf into this positon. They told me they were gonna break their alliances a week beforehand and were trying to get me to side against bussy.
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