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  1. On three separate occasions I waited more than 10 hours on ban appeals where it was entirely false. It's moderately annoying when it's your fault to wait that long, but justifiable, but I definitely feel like there should be some comp for time spent waiting if it was a false ban.
  2. If we could weaponize his parent's shame the world would know fear.
  3. Wow, it's almost like an exact suggestion I made forever ago that got shitted to death has had enough time for someone else to come up with it so it's now a good idea.
  4. I've literally never heard @ Grandma Gary pure on insult someone without a comedic base to it. You fucked up son lol
  5. Hahaha.. They named the position I attack from after me? That's amazing.
  6. anti


    Can't fully embed html lol but yeah. It's been an absolute honor. Old members of CTF now run three different, active gangs on olympus, and I couldn't ask for a better legacy. Almost every major gang on oly has at least one ex member of CTF in their ranks. I think what set us apart from most of the other gangs is, we all, for the most part, actually enjoyed playing together. We enjoyed each others company. We weren't a zerg recruit gang pieced together to desperately try to win fights. We were a group of freinds pieced together to try to have fun.
  7. anti


    You would start crying and feeling bad at the backlash of titaning your third ceasar.
  8. anti


    Soaps not making the push back to #1, and frankly, if anyone on Olympus is willing to do what I did to pass us both up, they fucking deserve it.
  9. anti


    You've said that before.... but you skipped a lot of really big steps in between all that. Side Chat Warrior> Most Active Farmer> Leader of Most Active Gang> Break> Most Active Cartel Holder.
  10. anti


    @Grandma Gary Thanks for keeping shit interesting. @ThatNerdyGuy Thanks for being a good unbiased admin. @Noble Thanks for giving me something to dump titans on that isn't helpless. @1-800-SMACKDATHO Don't let toxic people make you toxic. Let them make you strong.
  11. anti


    Well at least you're not salty.
  12. anti


    Here's the moment some of you have been waiting for. I'm out. I just got a bid on a job at work, and I just won't have the time for the Arma no-life lifestyle anymore. Obviously I enjoyed myself with 3200 hours in a year and a half. All of you non toxic people's I enjoyed playing with over the last year and a half, I wish you the best. All you toxic kids who talk about me 24/7 but have never had a conversation with me, I'm sorry for ripping away your target. This server is great, but I just can't continue to play if I don't have the time to be the best at everything anymore. <3 Much love oly.
  13. Basically, I'm gonna give all the simple things I learned about titaning and flaring/dodging titans I have learned by spamming 500 in 3 months. Some of you will say "Duhh," about everything, but I hope some find something of value out of it. 1. Set your flares to single fire LCrtl+C. Single spam is better than burst. Your speed is limited on burst. 2. The main objective is simple. Make flares be closer to the titan than the aircraft. If you do that you are basically titan immune. 3. If you are flying directly at the titan, you will almost always take the hit because you will always be closer than the flares. 4. If the titan is above you, you will almost always take the hit because you will be closer than the flares to the titan, because the flares fall down. Lower is not always better. 5. There is a minimum distance the titan must be to lock on to the aircraft. If you're very close, your best bet may be to get right on top of the titan. Freefire is possible, but because arma, at that range half the time the titan will fly straight through the aircraft. 6. The obviously, safest position to take a titan is the rear. 7. Speed is your friend. A flared titan is unpredictable. It make veer off in a random direction, explode on proximity to the flare, or follow the flare to the ground. 8. There is a blindspot that makes it so you cannot aim a titan at DIRECTLY overhead. You can keep a titaner locked out by constantly flying directly over them. 9. Trees are your best friends when dodging a titan. Even covering up 4% of your aircraft with a tree is enough to break a lock. 10. @Noble is the best flarer on the server. Good luck out there.

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