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  1. It's become a popular thing to blame silla for the (death) of the server, even though it's doing fine. Taking kidneys has absolutely no bearing on gameplay. You get it right back, and you're guaranteed not to be killed. There's at least 15 gangs on this server that sexually harass, and scream the N word at you every time you're in cuffs. There's gangs that dead ass mass rdm new players because they know they don't record. There's gangs that dead ass hack, and rob new players of peach runs. I love watching so many players mad about their numbers whine that silla is somehow the deat
  2. LOL... Wanna see someone shooting defenseless cops I'll post my half hour fight with like 8 dead cops from the water.
  3. Because they all have to be detonated at once.
  4. So basically, the way explosives work, as long as you kill someone you're engaged with or enemy gang with, that explosive was legal despite property damage or collateral kills, it's legal. So does that rule extend to multiple remove explosives? Say I kind of paper an area with several, hoping an enemy steps on a spot, and he does, but someone not engaged with steps on another. Since you have to detonate all of them at the same time, would the collateral target be considered a legal kill?
  5. Cause you weren't there for CTF's golden age. He meant back in the day. He also said WXM, which was an allied gang of ours that doesn't exist anymore either.
  6. Noble started throwing in the towel right before ctfs golden age.
  7. What gang are you? Let's do some research.
  8. I literally trained my ctf noobs to drive in circles when noble helis came after them. They'd always crash.
  9. I think he means more fall in and submit to my command.
  10. You expect too much of them grandma.
  11. Honestly I just think it's fucked up how sillas always shooting people tbh. They shouldn't do that.
  12. Impressed that you were able to write this missing a kidney.
  13. When you haven't said a word in an hour and somebody is spamming "you're a nobody" in sidechat.
  14. Oh dear god... Now I know you two are the same... it's disturbing.

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