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  1. stay scared to push cap pussy
  2. when 88 idiots think that 5.56 are worth anything lmaooooo
  3. just respond if u have hawks for sale
  4. so I have the money wya? ill do 23m because I made u wait
  5. well we might have to wait a few days cuz I got permed.... again its just for a new account shouldn't be long
  6. Capone add me on discord Gekku#2655
  7. ill buy it once I have the money, it wont take long
  8. add Gekku#2655 on discord
  9. Add me on discord Gekku#2655 @Silton
  10. @Silton ill do 20m rn only way tho is middle man with support
  11. @BLACK BABY BLACK BABY how much
  12. wanna sell me a ghawk?

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