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  1. I understand the civ on civ side but when we want to use such things to have fun and make Feds BW's fun and more interesting and then get punished and camped for trying to play the game because little timmy with his 150k loadout died to many times because he can't play the game its aids cops lose next to nothing when they die besides KD I just feel like it shouldn't be allowed I still don't think body camping by cops should be allowed its just such a weird thing to do not to mention Winters himself wants more Roleplay on the cop side and sitting next to a dead body for 15mins is not roleplay at all a local cop isn't going to go to a morgue and watch the rotting bodies of people he killed to make sure they don't jump out of the wall
  2. I want opinions not you monkeys talking shit to each other go to the DM's I want feedback and thoughts on the matter not you apes crying to each other please leave the post
  3. As I said no hate just want to know I am not crying have been wanting to make this for awhile hasnt affected me but I have seen many others complain about it
  4. Alright so I am not trying to shame or come out as rude to any APD member I just want to address and get some opinions and thoughts regarding the topic of APD camping civs bodies after a Fed BW Jail etc or just around the island may it be out of anger towards the said civ to make them made or just to do it whatever your reason shall be its not the point of the topic I personally think its kinda a scum thing to do and think it should be FailRP to do such thing because cops loadouts do not get lost when they die from a lower rank point of view I don't know what its like for the higher ranking members of the APD but the only way I have lost a loadout on cop is it being taken by civs like I said I dont know how it is for higher ranks but when a PO camps a civ trying to use decent gear at a BW and forces them to respawn with a 4m loadout because he died 10 times and maybe lost 20k for refilling mags and stones and such I just feel like it isn't a reasonable way to make people lose there gear anyway enough of my weird rant I just want some feedback and opinions on this like I said not hate or anything just want to hear everyone else on the matter Thank you -Mui AKA poggers
  5. Well the reason people are wanting the even amount was because gangs are not nearly as big as they were 4 years ago and the APD were complaining that nobody did feds or BW's due to the sheer amount of cops attending a fed done by 7-8 rebels and then when they agree to balance with the amount of people doing it everyone started doing them and things were fine again but now we are back to the whole we have 8 people vs a 18 cop stack and its just not fun
  6. if you can do 4.75 you have a deal
  7. would like atleast 5m for it
  8. I will sell you it for 5.5m just message on discord im Garrett in 88
  9. If you can get on server 2 we can do it
  10. Can you do 5.5? if so you got a deal
  11. Khaki Shorts


    How much for the Mar-10 @monsterr
  12. Khaki Shorts


    Do you still have the Mar-10 Lethal?

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