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  1. You "Stepped Down" is what is wrote on paper but the real truth will forever remain a mystery you were so confident when you started the problem when you raided Johns house and then all of a sudden you retire from cheif and admin hmmmmmm thats a little sus if you ask me but you tell yourself whatever you need to sleep at night He stepped down is what they wrote and showed to the public but the real reason will forever remain a mystery my man Mr GOAT was not a clean person to say the least but as I told him tell yourself whatever you want if it helps you sleep done wasting my time on you brainlets
  2. Please explain because from what I heard from 90% of players I have interacted with they would beg to differ Goat may have been liked among the higher ups but the players would strongly disagree Wanted whats best for the community but then Retired from Admin hmmmmmm he really wanted whats best but now he just talks shit on the forums all day because he has lost all of his power in a game lol but you tell yourself whatever you want
  3. Lol you are just big mad that you are a retarded inbred that got his shit yoinked because you are by far the worst admin I have met and your hard on for rabid got you in trouble maybe instead of sucking that fat obese retard off and not being a degenerate you would still be an admin
  4. Mui

    Selling dp22 4c

    I am currently asking anywhere from 5.5m to 8m and I have a 2 crater in dp24 Maxed Virtural space for 2.25m but will go down to 2m
  5. Mui

    Selling dp22 4c

    Need it gone asap Also selling a dp24 2c s2
  6. Would you come to server 2
  7. Mui

    wts tasers

    I got a mk1 black whats your price
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